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Celebrate Your Dad & Make Him Feel Special!


From dropping their little ones for play dates to teaching them the perfect parallel parking, dads do a lot for their children throughout the years. They start loving you even before you’re born and continue to do so till their last breath. There is certainly no way you can thank your fathers enough for everything they endure in the journey of raising you and making you the person you are. However, there are always some lovely gestures that can convey your love to them. This Father’s Day, make your dads feel special with the kindest gestures and show how much you care for them. We’ve got you covered with a few affectionate and loving ways here:

Take Him on a Fun Hike

For the dads who love outdoors but don’t get much time to spend a day doing what they love, this can be a perfect way to show-off your love for him. Take the tasks off his plate and arrange a fun hike with him as a surprise. Let him pick a start and end location that he loves, choose a route, and hit the trail with him. This fun outdoor adventure can also serve as a wholesome time for just the two of you where you can discuss life, reminisce about the good old days, and simply appreciate each other’s presence. If you want to cover more ground, just in case, you can always incorporate some transport in your plan. Don’t forget to grab all the necessary gear that you’ll need, along with some yummy snacks in a backpack. 

Make Him a Hearty Meal

Making someone a hearty meal is one of the simplest yet the most thoughtful and considerate gesture. If your dad is not the one to ever complain or be picky about food, he’d definitely love it when you make him his fav meal. It can be an extensive breakfast platter, lunch, or fancy dinner. Decide on the menu and fetch the ingredient you will need from the market beforehand. You can do the meal prep a day before or get someone’s help if its too much work. Also, create a pleasant setup with cute table runner, napkins, and special cutlery. On the off chance you cannot cook due to any reason, get his favourite takeout and you might even be able to grab some Father’s Day deals and discounts on the day! (It’s a win win!)

Watch His Fav Sports with Him

There are quite a lot of sports freak dads out there who just throw away anything they’re doing when their fav match is on the TV. Well, he might be enjoying it regardless, but you can make it much more wholesome for him by accompanying him for a match. He’ll undoubtedly be surprised and will probably remember it for a long time. You can also take it to another level by taking him to a live match and cheer for his fav team right from the front row. Whether you enjoy a show at home or from the middle of a sports ground, this is undoubtedly going to be the best Father’s Day for him! 

Organize and Clean Up His Stuff

If your dad is not one of the cleanliness obsessed guys, you might have seen your mom pretty annoyed by his stuff randomly lying around the house. You can make his jaw drop by actually organizing his stuff and tidy his space all up. Start with his closet; neatly fold all his clothes, throw away the soiled ones in laundry for a quick clean-up, and sort all the shoes and accessories so that he can find it all and even pair them up easily. Next, you can clean up his study, do the dusting, sort everything, and give it a much cleaner look. To bring a little change if he doesn’t mind, you can also move a few things around and see if your dad approves! 

Host a Father’s Day BBQ 

You might have seen your father hosting BBQ’s for everyone on Sundays and big festivals. Maybe, it’s time for you to get behind the grill and give your dad the special treatment. It’s totally up to you if you want to keep it small or want to invite a big gathering including your dad’s friends and other family members. Do all the preparations beforehand; get the meat & other ingredients, setup the backyard for guests and grill, fetch some drinks, and maybe a little decoration to bring in the charm. It’ll be a pleasant experience for your father where he can actually enjoy the small get together instead of making sure everyone is fed. Oh and when everyone’s there, you can give a little speech for your dad and how much you love him! 

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