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Is it safe to have Botox treatment Upper East Side

Botox is a very popular and effective way to reduce wrinkles and other skin issues. This non-invasive treatment with injection also allows you to avoid –

  • hyperhidrosis
  • lazy eyes
  • neck spasms. 

So, you can look for the best specialist to have Botox treatment Upper East Side. But, is it a safe choice for your cosmetic issues? Let us talk about the safety and other details of the treatment method.

How does Botox treatment Upper East Side work?

During the Botox treatment sessions, the injectable substance temporarily blocks muscle contractions and nerve signals. It will lead to the reduction of wrinkles near your eyebrows and eyes. Besides, it will prevent new lines from appearing faster. Your facial muscles will contract due to this treatment. This minimally invasive process does not involve making an incision. If some parts make you feel discomfort or aching, you can alleviate it with a topical lotion.

In this process, your treatment provider will administer 3 to 5 injections using a thin needle. He will inject botulinum toxin type A through the needle. While treating crow’s feet, he will focus on the side of your eyes.

Is it the right age to take Botox?

When you get older, you may find fine lines or wrinkles on your face. But, you can rely on Botox treatment to prevent these issues. 

The minimum age to consider this treatment is 18 years. During the early 30s, you may choose the best Botox Upper East Side. Many patients do not consider Botox until they have found any skin issues. However, it is better to have this treatment in advance. 

According to experts, your skin remains smooth and plump in your 20s. During the late 20s, you will notice dynamic lines because of expressions like laughing and frowning. Wrinkles go away when you stop those expressions.

Those who are above 30 experience crow’s feet and other similar issues. When they are around 40, they find problems like lip lines. Botox is the best solution for those lines.

Again, those who are above 40 may need to have a combined treatment of Botox and dermal fillers. It will make their skin hydrated and restore the lost volume. However, it is essential to consult the skin specialist to know if you need the combination of these treatments.

Botox Upper East Side NYC in your 50s will not ensure a fully wrinkle-free look. But, it will make the facial lines softer and provide you with natural-looking results. The main aim is to have a refreshed look. Most commonly, Botox can lift your eyebrows and treat frown lines. Based on your needs, the specialist will consider the dosage.

Botox is not just for cosmetic treatment to solve your skin problems. However, it can be considered as a remedy for chronic migraines, reduced limb spasticity, underarm sweating, and overactive bladder. Still, Botox is more popular, especially for its effectiveness in treating skin issues.

Who should avoid taking Botox?

Botox is safe for most people. But, it is not suitable for a number of patients.

1. Patients with neuromuscular issues

ALS and Lambert-Eaton syndrome are some common neuromuscular problems that prevent patients from getting Botox cosmetic treatment. Doctors and specialists are highly cautious while injecting any Botox formula. Patients with these diseases have weaker muscles. So, if they take the injection, it will worsen the symptoms of the disease. Even exposure to the smaller dosage can cause a negative effect, such as respiratory issues.

For instance, if patients with neurology have taken Botox injections, they may experience asthma.

2. Breastfeeding moms or pregnant women 

There is not much scientific evidence about the safety and effectiveness of Botox injections for pregnant women. The injection might cause risks to the health of the unborn women. So, experts think that pregnant women should avoid Botox and other similar medical procedures. As Botox formula contains some toxins, it is not always safe for nursing and pregnant women.

The perfect time to consider Botox treatment is when your baby stops depending on your breast milk. At this time, your pregnancy hormone production gets slower. The best fact is that this hormone naturally makes you look more glowing. So, you will not need to have additional treatment to achieve it.

3. People with allergic reaction to Botox

Only in a few rare cases, people have allergies to Botox NYC Upper East Side. When they take the injection, they experience itching, lip swelling, wheezing, and hives. Even the tongue and throat may start swelling. If you have noticed these symptoms, you must consult with your physician.

You can also consider a consultation before taking the injection for cosmetic solutions.

Thus, only in these few scenarios, you should avoid Botox injections.

Where will you get Botox treatment Upper East Side?

If you are looking for the most reliable experts for Botox treatment in Upper East Side, you can contact Beaute. This clinic has a team of qualified professionals who are highly skilled at providing Botox treatment. 

Moreover, you will learn about other skincare solutions like derma fillers. Beaute also provides you with non-invasive weight loss solutions.


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