Learn To (Do) Artificial Intelligence 101 Like A Professional

Artificial Intelligence 101:somebody detect some of the time well it’s a company that me and my two crew founders Bethany a Nicholas founded with the intention of making the best look possible making sure cows have a better life and farmers are able to manage their herds easier that is the soul behind so many tech making daily farming easy and taking care of our animals and how does artificial intelligence enter into that equation Sowell before I get too deep into that Infeed to say farming is not easy,

I know we all know how difficult and how intricate so many variables play a role especially when it comes to daily farming and the amount of things that a daily farmer needs to keep his mind on the attention to details that he needs to have is staggering so this is where if we found that if we could come up with some sort of a product that could monitor the cows 24 hours a day kind of watch them see how they drink they eat how the milk comes out how it physiologically affects ,

their body looking at the milk quality we could maybe help the farmers diagnose and find patterns with their cows making herd management a little bit more easier so what this is where we bring in AI because milk is a complicated fluid it is an emulsion which is non homogenous.

Artificial Intelligence 101

there’s like a lot of fat there are some hormones in it there’s chemicals in it everything is moving around and like gushing speed under vacuum pressure meant the cows being booked so looking at this milk using some optical physics and then capturing some images of it and analyzing that images with AI is kind where he is it’s in with Merck quality analysis in a quick 2 minute high-level pitch it’s so there’s somebody attacked offer that the data collection mechanism for that then I can how you caught all that information so what so many tech offers is two things one is an IOT device.

it’s a piece of hardware that is a simple plug-and-play mechanism you just put it in your milking line connect two ends of it and then the data goes to the cloud where we are analyzing the data that were collecting and giving the results back to the farmer for every cow every monkey so he can keep tabs on all of his assets great other sculpt is selling more like a sales pitch I made a mistake no III think it’s interesting and I think it’s exciting technology and for those of us who may be listening by okay could see ,

where farmers would have this this issue where you know there’s so much data to be collected that it can’t possibly be done just by walking out there and looking at a few cows and leaving where you collect it kind of24/7 can you help us those of us who don’t maybe understand AI sorry go callus those of us who maybe don’t understand AI just that a really basic level kind of artificial intelligence 101 a is a jargon term I’m sure all of us hear the phrase AI everywhere artificial intelligence assume in my opinion and these definitions are variable wherever you find it online but in my opinion.

Artificial intelligence 101 is a simple program that you write that even has like a decision that it makes for itself is it’s artificially inspired like it kind of dwells down to what is intelligence itself if you look at it you know in in terms of the essence of the matter.

Artificial Intelligence 101

A reaction to a stimulus is intelligence right if there is some light and a plant decides to face the sunlight that is it intelligently acting simple programs by themselves could be termed as artificial intelligence your chess game that you have on which is just hand coded it’s also artificial intelligence 101 but when this intelligence gets a little fuzzier while you need to make spontaneous reactions and learn from your mistakes,

there’s a new phrase that comes in which is machine learning it’s just right this is what we as toddlers do when we walk we trip and fall we learned that okay I should step over that step and not run right through it because Filmgoing to go smack on my face so that is machine learning deep learning is something that goes a little further into the details where what you end up doing this you take several parameters and you start making complicated analysis,

so what makes a dog a dog if you look at a picture of the dog it has a nose as it’s not a mouth in two years okay that’s a dog but how is the dog different from a wolf well so a dog is smaller fluffier wolf is bigger maybe mean you see canines I don’t know so when you make complex interaction decisions based on stimulus and also based on bathroom and certain other interactions you kind of start going into deep learning which kind of propels self-driving cars so yeah kind of goes one layer into another goes in a deep but this is like a super surface definition right now ,

I think that’s interesting and actually the wolf versus dog example is a really good ones so essentially then is your technology to understand AI a little bit better is it does it improve over time the more data Artificial Intelligence 101 it collects and analyzes and kind of re-evaluates itself the better that it does for future customers of someone detect is that right absolutely and this is one of the biggest advantages that we have over other technologies cause usually what happens when it comes to technology is someone somewhere comes up with a patent and means that penton they come up within equation or a formulate to detect let’s just say

These variables you give this answer problem is you put this equation for let’s just say Holstein cows what happens when it comes to jerseys this is work what happens if you take the model that was put on Holstein cows in Canada and then deploy it in Iran or to buy where they feed the cows different the temperature is different what the cow how they feel the days in milk how this concern it’s all different so if your algorithm has an ability to adapt itself and custom-fit itself to the new problem set now you have an extra were any other sensor that is there in the market because your algorithms constantly evolve that is the advantage machine learning and deep learning gives you over simple statistics.


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