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Should I Get a Portable Internet?

Should I Get a Portable Internet: In this contemporary digital age, we all want to stay connected. Whether it is for catching their favorite episodes, video-calling their friends, or looking up recipes, being connected to the internet occupies most of our days. This is why, when there is no internet connection, it frustrates us. For instance, when you leave home, you don’t have the internet anymore because you are out of the wireless network range. You turn on the mobile internet, but that can drain your phone’s battery pretty quickly. It can be quite a dilemma. 

We have a solution for that; a portable internet connection. It is basically a device or USB that provides you with an internet connection, the same as a wireless router. Except it’s portable and you can carry it around. No longer do you have to worry about going out of the wireless network range because the device will always follow you around. You also don’t have to worry about your mobile phone’s battery running out because the portable internet is a device in and of itself.

Moreover, having portable internet will also get you;

  • Convenience; easy to fit in your bag or pocket, goes wherever you go
  • Autonomy; a freestanding device that doesn’t need to be connected to a power cord, except being charged when the battery runs out
  • Secure; having a built-in firewall to ensure the security of your network connection

Since the portable internet device needs to have an internet connection, you will find many options for that. Our recommendation is to go for Comcast Internet. Since it is widely available in the US, you are more likely to come across reliable network connections wherever you go. 

Why Should You Get a Portable Internet?

Before you ditch the idea of a portable internet connection, hear us out on different scenarios where you might need it;

Remote Working

Having a remote internet connection allows you the freedom to work from literally anywhere. Whether you have to wake up at 9 in the morning for a Zoom meeting or attend family calls in the evening, a portable internet connection is something you can rely on. It also doesn’t matter what part of the country you are in, as long as you are receiving a network connection on your devices.

Long Commute? No Problem. 

Your long morning commute just got interesting. Using the portable internet on your mobile phone device or tablet, you can stream your favorite Netflix series or cooking shows that you had been waiting to catch up on. 

Stop Sharing

Don’t get this mistaken, you should always share things with others, it is still considered polite. But when it comes to the internet connection that you urgently need, you can make an exception. 

Should I Get a Portable Internet?

When multiple devices are using the same network connection at home, it can get quite stressful. Your connection lags and you are unable to attend the work meeting. In such a scenario, you can connect to your portable internet device without having to worry about lagging or disruption and getting your work done on time. 


Taking breaks from attending your classes? Find a place anywhere on the university lawn, connect your laptop to your portable internet device and start playing DotA2. 

Moving Houses

It can be quite a hurdle when you are moving houses or renting a space and you need an internet connection. Signing up for a portable internet connection means getting online immediately as long as you are within the network coverage. You can change the data allowance each month as per your usage. 

If your living circumstances are sorted, then you can just cancel the portable internet anytime and go for a fixed internet connection.

Perfect Companion for Travelling 

You also need the internet when you are travelling and having a portable device is your answer.  This will make it easier for you to open up Google Maps, look up reviews on TripAdvisor, and find places and tickets on Get Your Guide. You don’t need to worry about the local network connection as long as your portable device is working fine. 

Portable Internet > Public Wi-Fi

For sure. Your own portable internet connection is definitely better than a public internet connection. For one, only your devices are connected to the network so no other devices are hogging up the connection. Secondly, it’s secure. Public Wi-Fi connection is open and it put your devices at risk of unknown threats. That won’t be the case in your personal portable internet device since only your devices will be connected to it.

Final Thoughts 

Thanks to the portable internet connection, a large number of employees were able to receive remote access to private secure network connections. And that is just one example of how the portable internet has changed the game for connecting to the internet remotely. Simply put, you have your own internet connection to carry around so that you are always in the range of a wireless connection. 



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