Things To Be Considered While Purchasing Custom Protein Shaker Bottles

In present days, protein shaker bottles have become common accessories for all fitness lovers too athletes to healthy people. The secure screw-in cap offers easy openings and the thick sides prevent dents from cracking or breaking while in your bag (as seen on other brands’ bottles). Create/bring any protein shaker to work, gym, sports, etc. When it comes to buying custom protein shaker bottles, finding the right products that meet all your needs is anything but easy. This is all you need to know about picking the best shaker bottle.

Material Quality and Durability

Now when it comes down to buying a custom protein shaker bottle, the material used in making your shaker should be considered first. You want a bottle that can take daily usage, and stand up to frequent washes and the accidental drop here and there. Always search for bottles that are of high-quality and food-grade plastics like BPA-free polypropylene, or Tritan. These materials are durable, easy to clean, and free of odours as well; therefore you can store or have coffee in this product without feeling any health concern.

Leak-Proof Design

If a protein shake spills out of the bottle into your gym bag, there’s not too much worse than that. The custom shaker you opt to use should have a specific push-on lid design or sealing mechanism. Find bottles that come with screw-on caps to ensure a tight seal. Certain shakers have another more secure-locking system or flip-top cap preventing further spillage.

Mixing Efficiency

The point of the protein logo shaker bottles is that it can mix your powders with some liquid without having to take 15 minutes out of your day for a full-on blend. Built-in mixing mechanisms in many shakers help you to break up clumps and have smooth shakes. These can be wire whisks, mesh screens, or sometimes just an agitator ball.

Think about what mixing technique you are most comfortable with. A blender ball is nice and easy for some, however many feel that a wire whisk or mesh screen also gets the job done. Consider the types of supplements you are going to mix and select a shaker with an appropriate mechanism.

Capacity and Size

Most shaker bottles are available in sizes of 16 to 32 ounces. Look at the quantity of protein you ingest day-to-day and also just how considerably water you take in. Larger bottle for big shakes or lots of servings in one go; smaller bottle if you want to keep it more compact. Next, location of the bottle and carry while in use. Does it easily sit in the cup holder of your car, backpack, or lunch bag?

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

If the powder is left to dry, it can become very hard and leave a film behind that is tough to wipe off. Wide mouths: A shaker bottle with ample space up top is more likely to be easier to clean. Those with a detachable bottom cap, are specialised for cleaning the depths of certain bottles like all silicone choices.

Additional Features and Accessories

Most custom protein shaker bottles go with additional functionalities that make them serve the purpose to a great extent. There are more popular features such as powder compartments, measurement marks on the side of a bottle or multiple ones to divide ingredients, and insulated sleeves in weight loss shaker bottles so temperature would be controlled, some also have carrier loops/handles.

Customization Options

Now that you’re in the market for protein shaker bottle custom, a major factor is the extent of customization available. Then consider what type of design features you wish to have, whether these be logos/brand names, hand letters, and/or motivational quote ideas for text elements; colour schemes, or patterns/graphics. Make sure the method of customization is Durable (won’t fade off or peel away after regular use & washing). 


There are several things that you need to consider when purchasing the perfect custom protein shaker bottle for yourself. Material Quality, Leak-Proof Design, Mixing Efficiency, Customization options, and coaster printing are all very important factors to consider when it comes to being able to improve your overall chances of getting the perfect product for you that is going to stand the test of time.

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