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White House Black Market is an American ladies’ clothing retailer settled in Fort Myers, Florida. The multichannel brand, established in 1985, has some expertise in upscale attire. White House Black Market possesses and works different attire and frill stores in the United States and Canada, where they sell their tops, dresses, skirts, pants, coats, outerwear, shoes, gems, and extras. Starting around 2003, White House Black Market has worked as an auxiliary of Chico’s

White House Black Market and if you don’t know what our 15questions campaign is that we just turned 15 this year so to celebrate that we want to celebrate people who made those past 15 years great so like I said we’re here at White House Black Market with Milly diver and we’re going to ask for those 15 questions welcome to White House night market all right let’s get started when did you join the White House Black market team and why he’s been over seven years that was looking to switch careers because I was doing another something completely different to question and Iwana really get involved with fashions W perfect job opportunity and I’m so glad oh good cool are you from the area no I’m not misbegun be here for eight years and before move,

North Carolina for15 years before we DC area to in before that was boring leave my Purdue in South America wow that’s awesome what inspires you empower women friends so I tried to find something positive for everywhere and everybody yarwhip do you like to do on your off time the way to have yeah I have two boys they’re very involved with sports so if I’m not working I’m helping them with homework or are running between soccer games football games and baseball games so right now that’s the time very busy yahoo all the products here at White House Black Market which is your favorite definitely denim we do have the best TV right now we’ve got even with feather and you’re done so definitely being apiece that it’s in my profit,

Cando for a dressy to casual a la Orden okay so to pause on the questions shows some of the fall looks we def have her fall collection in have you guys know we are very focused in  work to work fashion so you do have right now market is something master just a little bit of color to compliment across the window right whatever black and white pieces a night okay vice versa sometimes like at lunch with the girls they go back to work so all this is our recollection pieces in black and white and to get that proper color right now is for faster and then a casual section of course like I’d say or denim right here and then we top that snake print a stop color.

White House Black Market

yeah I noticed that leather top it’s like no yeah awesomely there’s a lot of few pieces that you can do put a jacket on upper body you support it for work just to make it humbled that will quickly any caller of the demo right now love the snakeskin to get very theme right now all right get back to the question what is your favorite piece from the fall line I would say these jackets so everybody a teen has in their closet typical in the Waterloo : regular denim jacket is coded so looks like leather but it’s not yeah this denim it’s a stretchy and you can put on top of dresses yes where we do jeans and acute obeah skirt so you can do a lot of things with this jacket let me sell,

It so wells definitely so far this is my favorite this collection and it’s probably not as hot as a lot of jackets no it’s perfect for this area because we don’t need the heavy jackets we’re in this area so this is go all the way to October November yeah cool what doesn’t comment : tree lighting Mardi Gras or smoke on the coast that fit delete that tree lighting rehab because Christmas is my favorite time of the year so definitely I which is that it is adorable it is the most adorable event I think I’ve ever been to kids what was your job before this I’m on a shuttle for almost eight years and before that I was flying them for seven years okay what area was that him,

North Carolina back over Carolina maybe five – you tell us what is your favorite ball memory here’s inside me will be here we don’t have so much fall so no right Eric so about I leave on the beach so a lot offtake that keep the kids to the beach after in the afternoon you just sit there and watch them playing and touristic gone so it’s pretty much so I beat you just for not yeah so I love that doing guide the phone tee totally understand what movie will you see next bombshell just saw that some Instagram younger Nicole Kidman and Chablis Sarang looks amazing and he’s based in at her story so oh it’s like this does anything with Nicole Kidman and you’re like I’m gonane great yeah what is your favorite part about fall that we can wear packyear I love doing somebody do you guys sell a few here totally we do have foods that we already started getting or hoody on a court doesn’t make print again wedel wait enterprise what is your favorite like first I like that is an outside lifestyle.

White House Black Market

Oleos we are knowing like in a building so I love to work outside if I may break and just go outside and walk around yeeha love the fact that new restaurants are coming to this area there’s also some signs for another broken egg and I love the place everybody I said you got sushi so very excited that we’re expanding and we’re welcoming you right numbers yes what is something about White House Black Market that most people might not know very close to work and casual I mean social seventyish there were more dressy but we’re actually carry the same amount of casual and a lot of people don’t know that we can always an amazing sale area so you can get really good style and product and quality for a really reasonable prices right and you have Labor Day sales going on,

it started today we start our labor Dale sale and every my down you take an additional 40 percent offend like a you can see this and we have done and jacket casual shorts in the prices are meson you have a chance to stop by and sees during this week the sub will go all the way to next Monday and we will happy to help you to find what you need see you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be I would love to go back to Italy I love that laundry,

when episode years ago so I would love to go back there you fall cool awesome well do you want to show us anything else in the store yeah well I’d really want you to eat help really casual we can get to inner in this area and the pop of color that would get in right now it’s amazing with black pants there’s four retails for several until we have these in couple colors Bell area right now is big we’re ready for Labor Day sale additional forty percent all peoples are right social dresses of course producing special occasions and just remember where one stops door you get shoes back yes fan accessories everything we have amazing jeweler right now and except we’re just ready to help you get ready for your event so vacationer just worked.


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