A Complete Guide to Becoming a Mot Tester in the UK

It is the responsibility of the MOT tester to guarantee that almost all vehicles in the UK are assess at an authorise MOT facility by the DVSA requirements and MOT testing handbook. You need solid mechanical and electrical systems understanding to succeed in an MOT testers career. A specialist who must pay attention to every detail and be committed to their work is an MOT testers.

The yearly MOT inspections which take place in the UK are well known. The Ministry of Transport (MOT) conducts extensive testing on cars every year to assess them. This test is performe by experts refer to as MOT testers. Ever ponder the requirements for becoming an MOT tester? An MOT testers needs a specific collection of skills and credentials. Individuals who desire to work as one must meet the requirements set forth by the DVSA, possess credentials, and pass numerous tests. The individual follows a methodical procedure. If you are interested in dealing with commercial vehicles then go ahead and undertake a class 7 mot centres, if you like repairing and fixing heavy and industrial vehicles. 

Does It Pay To Work As A MOT Tester?

Although it takes some work, becoming an MOT inspector is highly worth it and can enable you to earn additional cash. Similar to other professions in the automotive industry, doing MOT tests carries a unique array of dangers.

The Eligibility Requirement

First, determine whether you meet the DVSA’s eligibility requirements. Additionally, you must be authorise as a nominated tester (NT). Here are the requirements and must-haves:

  • For the specific car classes you are going to evaluate, a UK driving licence.
  • Four years minimum of experience working on repairs and maintenance for the designated car classes
  • Have not committed any crimes related to violence, the automotive trade, or the MOT.
  • A good reputation.
  • Initial Requirements for a Qualified Tester

Level 3 Pre-entry for MOT Testers

For car classes 3, 4, 5, and 7, you must possess an approved Level 3 pre-entry for MOT testers. The preceding is necessary to continue the procedure after this.

  • Computerized Technician Certification for Light Vehicle Diagnostic Technicians and Light Car Assessments Technicians (ATA).
  • A genuine ATA ID card.
  • City and Guild Certification in the following through VRQ, NVQ, and SVQ:
  • Module 3 of the Motor Vehicle Craft Studies (requires 3 modules).
  • Craft Studies on Motorized Vehicles, 381 (full part 2 or 3).
  • Craft Studies in Heavy or Light Vehicle Mechanics (full part 2 or 3).
  • NVQ Level 3 Automotive Certification.
  • Maintaining or repairing automobiles on the road, 383 (full level 2 or 3).
  • Technician in Motorised Vehicles Certificate (full part 1).
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair National Diploma, Level 3, The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI).
  • Among the following criteria must be met: Council for Scottish Vocational Education. National Certificate in Automotive Systems and Mechanics (Part 3). Motor vehicle engineering education can be pursued through the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), National Certificate, or Ordinary National Certificate (ONC). Vehicle Upkeep and Electronic Systems Specialization National Craft Certification.
  • Award for MOT Inspection

For individuals who want to obtain the DVSA Certificate of Competence for MOT testers, this qualification is necessary. The DVSA helped create this award (Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency). The aim is to equip students with the knowledge and abilities needed to conduct an MOT test.

  • Views from the VT8

Here are the process’s last stages. This procedure entails a mock MOT test that the DVSA is watching. You would be require to undergo a full demo MOT test VT8 observation by the DVSA. The candidate is lawfully authorize to perform an MOT test at the VTS if they complete this stage (Vehicle Testing Stations). The entire procedure is carried out in this manner. But we’re not finish yet. The accompanying knowledge is also require of you.

  • The price of MOT testing training can vary depending on the circumstance. There isn’t a set price or average cost.

On the other hand, side, becoming an MOT Tester in the MOT sector is a difficult and serious career move. A benefit to changing careers into MOT tester is having 4 years of expertise in automotive maintenance and repair.

Mot Tester


In conclusion, if you want to qualify as an MOT testers, you must meet the prerequisites and select a reputable MOT training facility where you will complete the MOT testers qualification program. You must refine your abilities in the MOT training facility following the instructions and recommendations for the MOT exam. Next, you could schedule the exam when you feel prepared and comfortable enough to take the DVLA’s MOT demonstration test. You would be recognise as a qualified MOT testers and be able to conduct MOT tests at approve vehicle testing stations after completing the MOT testers qualifying course and completing the MOT demonstration course. As part of your ongoing career development, you must also finish the MOT examination every year.

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