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Best Tech Blogs to Follow: There are all kinds of new and improved tech making its way into our lives every day. Companies keep fishing out all sorts of tools and electronic gizmos designed to make the lives of their users easy. Not just this, technology is revolutionizing the way we look at our lives. 

It’s opening our eyes and making us understand that the gadgets we develop can act as catalysts to a much easier life. And there are tons of tech blogs up on the internet that regularly get updated with the juiciest information regarding these. Let’s highlight the best ones designed to bottleneck the info.


Need to know what’s the next latest batch of professional cameras coming? Or what Ford has incorporated into its latest Mustang? Wired has a little bit of everything. They also keep their readers updated with smaller, security-based tech as well. Need a security camera for your house but don’t know what to choose from? Wired gives you a multitude of capable selections along with their major pros and cons that best help encapsulate the areas where each company’s security camera would work efficiently. But the area where Wired shines the most is news-related topics; especially those pertaining to America’s politics. 

They have a regular selection of updated happenings in the USA provided by credible sources. All you need to readily access these is good internet. One which CenturyLink can effortlessly provide. Equipping oneself with fast, reliable service is a crucial need because it helps load images, videos, gifs, and any sort of media as swiftly as you swipe through your headlines. 

The Verge

Many people think that The Verge is another site chock full of gadget discussions. They couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Verge is a site that incorporates a lot of other discussions into its parameters as well. Particularly the impact of digital politics like those of big giants i.e. Samsung and Apple. Another thing that sets verge apart from its competition is that the editors and news hunters like to delve much deeper into their findings and you’ll often find lots of chunky info pertaining to different topics. 

Verge likes to call these “longform” sections where they give their writers a free hand in writing and spewing all they’d like about information they find worthy. This does make Verge take a rather backseat approach in its content. But where The Verge may be a bit slower in its daily offerings, they prioritize quality over quantity. And this makes their website appeal to a larger audience that is interested in a little bit more than the usual clickbait. 


If you want a website that bleeds strictly technology goodness then Mashable is your go-to. There’s a plethora of topics, blogs, headlines, and the like littered inside Mashable with something for everyone to allow their brain to munch through. There’s a special emphasis on video reveals for good tech and then Mashable takes it upon itself to talk about it. 

Best Tech Blogs to Follow

Additionally, the website has its own people who make quality videos abundant with relevant tech information about the ramifications of a new technology introduced by a giant such as Google. Mashable was one of the first tech nerds to cover the news about levitating “mag-boards” back in 2016 and then again, the news about UAE’s flying cars. For those of you who don’t know, mag-boards were magnetic boards designed by Mercedes and looked identical to skateboards except that they levitated using gravitational waves. Similar to the mechanic of magnetic bullet trains. Sadly, this concept didn’t accumulate to fruition but probably did innovate other companies enough to come up with their own ideas regarding it. Time will tell. 


The #1 site when it comes to consumer electronics. Give it to these guys to bring the very best info on electronics whether they are mobile phones, TVs, fridges, or anything else lying in or around your home. Not just this, Engadget also brings you reliable reviews once it lists a hot product on its website. These electronics are put under the eye of a microscope and then analyzed for their looks, functionality, and performance by Engadget very capable reviewers, analysts, and writers. 

The site also caters to accessibility by offering itself in English, as well as in Mandarin and Japanese.  So people from these regions need not fret to understand all the scrumptious gadgetry listed on Engadget. All they need to do is search for topics of their interest and enjoy an experience specially tailored to them. 


Tech blogs act as the perfect funnel for all things that sparkle and need a source of electricity. They’re perfect replacements for newspapers and do a brilliant job of keeping the masses up to date. We should also do our part and support them in their efforts through financial means, reviews, or sharing their articles for more views. 


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