Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: How to Pop the Question to Your Squad

So, your significant other has finally popped the question, and you said yes. Congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare for your special day! There are many things to do. One of the most essential tasks is proposing the idea to your squad, aka your bridesmaids. Luckily, there are many ways to ask them to be your bridesmaids. You can make asking them creative, fun, and memorable with a little effort. 

How can you narrow down all the options and determine which proposal idea is best for you? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few different options.

Have a Girls’ Night Out

This idea is a classic and a tried and true tradition in the world of weddings. But even with having a girls’ night out, choices exist. Do you do something that your squad already loves, or do you try something completely new? Maybe you should try a combination of the two. 

Call the restaurant managers first if you want to go to one of your usual hangout spots. It’s best to see if they’ll let you do anything to make your night out extra special. Never be afraid to ask! And perhaps that’s not your style. You can always make it a girls’ night in as well. Wherever you ask your potential bridesmaids, they’ll love your creativity. 


Another fun activity is to go shopping around town with your besties. You’ll decide which bridesmaid dresses work best if they say yes to your proposal. 

Shopping with them will provide inspiration on which dresses to select. Bella Bridesmaids also has an incredible selection of dresses at your fingertips online! 

Customized Gifts

Once you’ve decided where to go to ask them, bring some gifts to give out. And the more unique the present, the more they’ll appreciate it. All sorts of customizable gift options will send your bridesmaids through the roof! 

Let’s take a look at some of them so you have a few ideas to mull over: 


Make custom puzzles out of pictures you have with each of your bridesmaids. This will give them a little mystery to solve. They’ll have fun trying to piece together the message you want them to read. Also, it will be a great permanent reminder of that particular day.

Ensure the puzzle isn’t too complicated; otherwise, it’ll take them too long to assemble. If it’s a group of girlfriends, you can all put it together to expedite the process! 


Bedazzle your bridesmaids with some custom jewelry. A girl can always use more jewelry. Select jewelry that complements each bridesmaid. You should peek at what each friend wears the next time you visit their home. 


There may be such a thing as too much jewelry, after all. They may need more ways to organize the jewelry they already have. A great way to do that is with customized boxes. There are unique and beautiful boxes that your potential bridesmaids will love. Select ones that remind you of each friend you plan to ask. 

Find an Activity

You may be a sailor at heart and yearn for the unknown. Trying something new, fresh, and exciting may be what the doctor ordered! There are many things to do to make your proposal truly special. 

There’s a bevy of activities to choose from. As an added benefit, you can combine these activities with the customized gift options from above!

Book Club

If you’ve got bookish bridesmaids to be, hosting a book club is the best way to break the good news about your wedding. This is a relaxing way to have a quiet night if that’s what vibe you’re going for.

Consider giving each friend a book they haven’t read yet. Or, give them all the same book with a note asking them ot be a bridesmaid inside the book. If time allows, you can all read the book together! 

Flower Workshop

Who doesn’t love flowers? Attending a floral workshop is a great way to spend time together. Call the organizer beforehand to see if they can help you make it an extra special night.

The Salon

Going to the hair salon is a great option, mainly if you’re throwing a party after breaking the news. You’ll be able to go out and get everyone looking and feeling beautiful. What’s not to love about that?

Wine Tasting

A wine-tasting outing is a great way to break the news and enjoy a night out with your favorite gal pals! Find a new place you haven’t been before to try new wine flavors. Just remember to drive responsibly and get an Uber! 


Your wedding is your most special day with your favorite people. This, of course, includes your bridesmaids. So, make sure to have their invitation to make your wedding a memorable and heartfelt experience. Both you and your bridesmaids will never forget the fun times you share! 


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