Document Verification Solution – A Key to Building the Trust Among Businesses

Document verification solutions are employed to certify the profile of the client. The customers submit their identity cards, bank statements, residential addresses, and utility bills. The artificial intelligence tools properly compare the identity of the user with the formerly stored data. It reduces the probability of data breaches and cybercrimes. The companies have to ensure that they are collaborating with the legitimate users. This is only possible through biometric solutions, as these tools are experts in onboarding authentic customers.

Document Verification: A Quick Overview

The verification of documents is done digitally, and the companies do not need the physical presence of the users. Cybercrimes are increasing daily, and to combat these frauds it is essential to verify documents. The hackers use the fake identities to hack the clients and then use them for their purposes. Customers who could be more expert in handling the technology sometimes give access to their system to hackers. Then it creates many complications, as their account is in the hands of someone else.

Working Mechanism of Document Checker

The businesses can implement the document verification solution through the following ways:

  • Submit User Information

The client submits the soft form of their papers to the company. The scanner in the backend ensures that the customer has given all the required documents.

  • Evaluation of Credentials

The second phase involves the comparison of papers, the scanner compares them with the previously stored templates. For example, it matches the customer’s selfie with the image saved in the government’s database.

  • Verification and Results

The system displays the results of the customers, the clients that have given the authentic papers, they are considered to be valid. Otherwise, a red flag is shown for the users, who have given the fake or stolen papers.

What Kind of Papers can not be Verified?

The following identity documents are not checked:

  • False Documents

The papers belong to someone else, they are usually stolen documents. The scanners are very advanced and they immediately notice irregular activities.

  • Illegitimate Documents

These papers are fake, as they are not issued by any regulatory authorities. Such papers do not contain government stamps or holograms.

  • Modified Papers

These documents are fake or photoshopped, for example, the client changes the date of birth or the residential address.

Significance of the Documents Verified through the Artificial Intelligence

The biometric solutions help businesses verify the profile of the users so that they can mitigate the chances of data breaches.

  • Automated Identification

The automated identification methods are very user-friendly, they allow legitimate users to collaborate with the company. Conventional verification was not reliable as humans were employed in it. The companies do not need staff for the authentication of the users, the advanced tools are used to perform the whole process. In this way, the companies can save their salary expenses.

  • Identity Theft Prevention

When the companies onboard the users, they receive their thorough data. The client’s identity is properly checked so that later on they do not become part of any mysterious acts. When the source of income of the customer is known then the probability of money laundering is reduced.

  • Remote Client Onboarding

The banks onboard the users through biometric solutions, the entire process is done digitally. The users can be verified even from the comfort of their homes, they just need a stable internet connection.

  • Age Authentication

The company can use age verifiers to restrict the activity of minors from certain products. The government has banned smoking and alcohol, as these things are not good for the health of the children. Companies that do not follow these instructions have to face complications.

  • AML and KYC Obliagtions

These obligations are to prevent the company from money laundering cases and cybercrimes. The businesses must have to act upon these guidelines otherwise they have to bear the heavy fines. The organization’s reputation is also affected when they are prone to errors. The clients do not associate with such companies.


The document verification solutions are enhanced tools used to verify the clients. The client has to experience multiple steps to get access to the account. The companies onboard legitimate users through the help of biometric solutions. These tools also continuously monitor the activities of the clients. The latest tools have regulated the operations of the companies as they can save their expenses through it. These solutions are better than the conventional means because they are reliable and accurate. The validation tools give seamless services to the clients and save them money.

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