Gacha heat | What does Gacha heat mean?

Gacha heat in a state of sexual excitement immediately preceding ovulation for example our cats are in gacha heat so we have to keep her inside this expression applies to most female mammals and indicates the period when the animal is fertile and most receptive to mating opening square bracket our mission is to provide accurate answers, we think without knowing it is impossible to live a balanced life be competent.

Gacha Heat are OUT OF CONTROL

Gacha heat is baud yeah I do and I figured you were as word what does one have to do with the other I’m so confused all right hey guys what’s up it ‘saturnalian today we’re going to be watching and reacting to something that is long overdue so basically a lot of people have been telling me in my comments than gacha heat tick-tuckers are coming after mean in a pretty weird way I thought because they sounded really interesting was going to take a look at all of these against me before I start this huge disclaimer please do not seek these people out the reason I’m excluding the titles of their and their channels and allis because they want you to go hate nonheme can laugh over here in our little corner but let’s not go and like seek him out that went horribly wrong last time made a focusing on just one of them,

Because a lot of them grew subways when talked about them which is very concerning and a lot of people are like I sub to just hate on them that’s awful do not do that okay don’t do that all right without further ado let’s take a look at some of these let’s get right into it you can’t get rid of me then the only reason I found this in specific is that someone reposted it to tick-tock and tagged mean it saying hey there’s a heater aftersound so I decided to check it out this is them trying to justify why they think gacha heat is good yeehaw let’s watch I still think gacha heat is good great someone without a brain stop to trying to change my mind also I hate big mama eternal wow that was blunt,

she went from a stop trying to change my Mindi hate big mama eternal this is just beautiful made this for her pause to redo so you think gotcha heat is baud yeah, I do me and millions of people think it’s bad but okay and figured you were a sword what does one have to do with the other I’m so confused would make gotcha heat but I didn’t know it’d be taken downs I’ll make you die oh god these haters are delusional,

Gacha heat

Instead, also I found out you were scared of us so you deleted your gotcha looked the reason I deleted my gacha heat  was actually not because I’m scared of gotcha heaters by no means I could care less about octameters the reason I took them down is that their policy on what is allowed and not and I kept getting a strike on old so I didn’t want to get strike anymore so I just took everything down also for some reason everyone leaves out the fact that I took down a lot of my old  including the original well Ter it’s literally not,

Because of anything to do with gacha heat it was just because of policy changes and also I just felt like those didn’t represent me anymore so I didn’t want to keep them up because they were embarrassing pathetic anyway here’s the thing I made let’s see what she made me oh my god a gift I’m so excited my god wait okay that fan art is actually really pretty like no cap that is actually unironically good fan art good job why is this animation so good oh my godlike I’m actually really flattered that someone would make this for me please what the kind master watermark, not even the fact that my character is like tied up in a chair I’m sorry this I’m having too much fun with this let me go nullipore here now b word now wow edgy heatproof oh my goodness sakes,

Okay, that’s kind of graphic so I don’t think I’ll show but basically a spear just went through my character’s neck mean I hate heaters but this is a cool animation okay the end I love how it’s just like get killed and like it’s happy okay that was just amazing all right so the is basically heater’s rant on mean I honestly want to know like if she brings up any valid points let’s watch okay I’m going to mute this audio because it is so awful okay anyways let’s continue today I’m making a rant on big mama eternal and called me a literate.



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