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Hisoka is a previous partner of the Phantom Troupe and a performer/chronic executioner who is consistently looking for solid adversaries, venturing to such an extreme as to save the people who have incredible possibilities, like Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck. Hisoka To Gon and Killum, he is both their adversary and partner dependent on the circumstance. He fills in as the principal enemy of both the Hunter Exam curve and the Heaven’s Area circular segment, a partner in both the Yorknew City bend and the Greed Island curve, and a significant adversary in the thirteenth Hunter Chairman Election curve.

In the 1999 anime, he was voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in the Japanese adaptation, and Brendan Hunter in the English named form. In the 2011 anime, he was voiced by Daisuke Namakwa in the Japanese form (who likewise voiced Oikawa Tooru in Haikyuu), and by Keith Silverstein in the English named variant, the last option of whom additionally voiced Johan Liebert, Hisoka Chairman Rose, Masayoshi Shido, Hawk Moth, Deep Sea King, Dr. Wily, Aaroniero Arruruerie, Doctor Tomoe, and Cat Mask Seller.


Hisoka’s appearance is that of a joker or a jokester. He is an extremely tall (6’2″) and dainty man of around 28 years. He has red hair that focuses upwards. He has a fair complexion. All over, he paints his left cheek a fuchsia star and his right cheek a green tear. He has brilliant yellow eyes which appear to be giving out a ghostly look more often than not.

His clothing is typically embellished with different suit images on the front and back middle, and he changes outfits in every story curve.


Hisoka is depicted as an arrogant, pretentious, decadent, and self-serving man. He has a crazy blood desire and appreciates battling solid adversaries. While he loves Gon, Killum, and numerous others, he has expressed that for him, what is important one day could undoubtedly become garbage the following, and he won’t spare a moment to kill anybody should they not fulfill his guidelines.

He kills individuals paying little mind to age or sex, Hisoka yet just those that he considers “dishonorable”. As it were, he is more irreverent than evil, notwithstanding his sociopathic and malicious nature. Notwithstanding his desire to battle solid rivals, he knows his cutoff since he didn’t attempt to assault Netero when he left his watchman down or expressed that battling Chrollo Lucifer is quite much for him to deal with. Hisoka is likewise demonstrated to be an exceptionally manipulative, planning, shrewd, and underhanded performer.

All through the series, he showed in his wearing of shoes for “ladies” and utilizations an appealing and tempting discourse style commonly saved for females in Japanese Hisoka. In the manga, he closes virtually every sentence with a suit image.




Very little is had some significant awareness of Hisoka’s set of experiences, typically, on the grounds that he is essentially not intrigued by his past and considers his present of solid rivals commendable. He kills any individual who comes in his manner or is not sufficiently able to beat him.

It is expressed that Hisoka bit “Bungee Gum” a great deal as a kid, but since his family was exceptionally helpless, he frequently bit it until it lost each flavor. He later named his particular gum strategy after the brand.

Tracker Exam bend

Hisoka is presented as a candidate for the Hunter Exam, quite possibly the most remarkable contender. He bombed the test last year, yet simply because he killed a delegate. En route, he experiences Gon and checks out him. He turns out to be fairly defensive of Gon, saying that the kid is his objective as it were.

Sky’s Arena curve

At the point when Gon and Killua arrive at the 200th floor in Heaven’s Arena, Hisoka stops them and offers to battle Gon assuming he can dominate a game on the 200th floor. Hisoka then, at that point, battles Kastro. From the outset, Hisoka messes about, and it seems like Kastro has the advantage, with one of Hisoka’s arms missing. Then, at that point, he kills Kastro and uncovers himself to be an individual from the Phantom Troupe. He later pays Machi, an individual from the Phantom Troupe, to reattach his cut-off arms.

Yorknew City bend

Hisoka is uncovered, alongside Machi, to be an individual from the Phantom Troupe. He assists them with trips by taking the bounties and costly auctionable things at the World Auction. He is, notwithstanding, seen to be undermining the group individuals, and assisting Kurapika to do his killings just for energizing delight.

At the point when Kurapika at long last gets Chrollo Lucifer (Kuroro Rushirufuru) and seals off his Nen powers with his Chain Jail, Hisoka uninformed about the seal on Chrollo’s powers provokes him to a battle, and with a liking voice, uncovers to him that he had never been a piece of the Spiders, and truth be told, had been undermining them.

Chrollo gives a tepid response, grinning delicately, and noting him back by illuminating Hisoka about his seal on powers.


Eagerness Island curve

Hisoka is viewed as utilizing Chrollo Lucilfer’s name as an assumed name in the round of Greed Island. Nonetheless, he concedes that he had been doing this to draw in the consideration of the company for cleansing the fixed Nen of Chrollo.

After being defied by Killua and Gon, he chooses to organization them to a dodgeball game against Razor, who had some time ago been a follower of Gon’s dad, Ging, which brings about Killua and Gon getting a super uncommon card of the game. Hisoka likewise experiences Biscuit Krueger, the educator of the instructor (whom she depicts as a chaotic child who consistently neglected to wrap up his shirt) of Gon and Killua, who is obviously drawn to him in spite of being an elderly person of around 57.

Hisoka leaves the two companions not long after, commenting that he will come to them in case he wanted anything, utilizing the cards given by the game. This prompts Killua to understand that Hisoka had not been exceptionally ignorant about the game strategies, and had been clearly lying.

Hisoka meets a Nen purger soon after and requests that he assist him with eliminating the seal on Chrollo’s powers.

Administrator Election curve

Hisoka is first seen showing up at the scene to make his choice and get some information about Ging’s quality. He is additionally seen to intellectually work out the powers of all the showing-up trackers on a size of 100. At the point when he is informed that Ging wasn’t there. He just plunks down and keeps on rating the trackers following the projecting voting form.

Sooner or later, he feels a solid presence behind him, who is uncovered to be Illumi Zoldyck. He then, at that point, goes with Illumi to his central goal of preventing Killua from fleeing alongside Alluka and catching him in the home.

He kills off the family steward of Zoldycks, Gotoh, and supposedly is extremely sharp and inspired by the mission. All things being equal, Illumi remarks that he is simply doing this for some fun, and concedes that he imagines that Hisoka considers everyone around him a toy to stroke and play with.

In spite of the concurrence with Illumi, Hisoka is finally seen to show his flighty mindedness as he intellectually contended whether to kill Alluka or Killua to acquire the contempt of the Zoldyck siblings.

Dim Continent Expedition curve

Chrollo at long last acknowledges to battle Hisoka in a demise match at Heaven’s Arena. When the battle starts, Chrollo actuates Shalnark’s capacity and assumes responsibility for the official, utilizing him to assault Hisoka while, the last option figures, planning to put the second receiving wire in him. Nonetheless, the subsequent radio wire was a bluff and Chrollo kicks down Hisoka, then, at that point, continues to trample him. Hisoka liberates himself by heaving the official at him. Chrollo then, at that point, orders the official to assault Hisoka once more; yet detonates before the two can make contact on account of another capacity taken by Chrollo, who is presently likewise equipped for utilizing two capacities simultaneously or one without expecting to contact his book. Hisoka gets increasingly more energized as the battle advances, yet feels Chrollo is as yet keeping down. The two then, at that point, momentarily examine the last’s new capacities, with Hisoka cheering because of his rival’s power.


Chrollo consolidates two capacities, Order Stamp and Kortopi’s Gallery Fake, to assault Hisoka with a duplicate of the arbitrator. Be that as it may, on account of Chrollo’s clarification, Hisoka effectively deactivates Order Stamp by decapitating the manikin. Chrollo at last shows the last capacity he has arranged, Convert Hands. Causing Hisoka a deep sense of’s disturbance, before the two can exchange blows once more, Chrollo uncovers that one of his capacities has a place with somebody who is now dead. Hisoka immediately acknowledges it is on the grounds that the client’s Nen has become more grounded after his passing, and works wary.

At the point when he discovers that, because of the maker’s determination, when appended, the characteristics of Sun and Moon won’t ever vanish except if they detonate, Hisoka grins, feeling that could without a doubt demonstrate trickily. In spite of the fact that Chrollo claims that his triumph is sure, Hisoka will continue to battle and assault him. The two end up in the crowd, which Chrollo controls with Black Voice to assault Hisoka while camouflaging himself with Convert Hands.

Hisoka sees the radio wires have vanished and that Chrollo has effectively made duplicates with Gallery Fake. Then, at that point, around thirty duplicates controlled with Order Stamp begin assaulting him, compelling him to utilize Bungee Gum to withdraw, however, the manikins hop on top of one another and contact him. As he fights back, Chrollo, having taken another person’s garments, moves behind Hisoka,

who gets ready to counter yet is deceived by the rival’s bluff and kicked in the scruff. As he falls into the horde of manikins, Hisoka is euphoric. Battling not to be overpowered, Hisoka starts dispatching the manikins, meanwhile taking harm from Chrollo’s quick in and out strategy. He figures out how to expect the last option’s best course of action, tossing a cut-off head at him, yet Chrollo evades and kicks Hisoka, guaranteeing he had seen him set up the assault. In any case, Hisoka figures out how to hit him with a subsequent shot connected to his foot, answering he knows while hacking up blood.

He lands another hit with the other head, driving Chrollo to withdraw. Unfit to give pursue, Hisoka impairs more manikins and attempts to sort out Chrollo’s best course of action dependent on whether Order Stamp and Gallery Fake are deactivated. At the point when the stamp vanishes from the top of a manikin, Hisaka makes due.


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