How much money do you need to take to Umrah?

Embarking on the Umrah journey to Mecca is a very significant event for Muslims all around the world. Umrah is a non-obligatory trip that Muslims perform to meet their religious commitments and develop a closer relationship with Allah, in contrast to the mandatory Hajj.

The expense of the religious trip is an important consideration for those considering travelling to Mecca. What is the required amount of cash for the Umrah? This topic contains several factors which are important to follow. These factors include travel expenditures, lodging, transportation, meals, and other costs. Moreover, to save money throughout the pilgrimage, complete various essential tasks, including booking Cheap Umrah Packages.

How much money is needed to go on Umrah?

Travellers must examine various factors when planning an Umrah travel. These factors include the following:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Currency Exchange and Banking Fees
  • Souvenirs and Gifts


The cost of travelling to Mecca might vary greatly depending on the route used, the season, and your location. Whether you are flying from the US, Europe, or Asia, a large percentage of your expenses will be related to your airline. Since airfare is subject to fluctuation, it is important to book well in advance to secure the best offers. Consider carefully if you want a direct flight or are ready to make connections, as it might impact the overall cost of your trip. Choosing a direct flight to travel to Saudi Arabia might be expensive compared to non-direct flights. If you perform Umrah on a tight budget, selecting a direct flight is not suitable.


After reaching Mecca, You’ll need a place to stay in the city. The cost of lodging varies according to how close your location is to the Haram. Remember, hotels close to the Grand Mosque are frequently more costly because of their prime locations. However, if you’re ready to stay a little bit further away and use public transit or walk, there are other more reasonably priced choices available. This consideration will be advantageous if you make your pilgrimage on a tight budget.


Transportation is an important tool to travel from one location to another inside Mecca. It could be required to use buses, taxis, and other forms of transportation to travel to the city. This is very important for the budget for these expenses for a comfortable and easy-to-travel guarantee. Extra facilities, some pilgrims also decide to use private transportation services. Moreover, pilgrims should remember that hiring regular taxis for travelling around the city can be expensive. 

These taxis might cost between 500 and 750 SAR to travel around Mecca and Medina. Uber and Careem are more expensive than regular taxis. If you accomplish a holy journey on a budget, using these types of transportation is not appropriate. Use public transportation, like buses, to travel from one location to another inside the city.

The Haramain High-Speed train is the best option if you travel from Mecca to Medina within 2 hours. The fare of this fastest train can range between approximately 200 and 400 SAR.


It’s crucial to plan for your meals when visiting Mecca. Depending on the restaurants you choose, food costs may change. Some local restaurants can provide more affordable alternatives than those within or near the Grand Mosque. 

Currency Exchange and Banking Fees:

You should take into account currency conversion rates and any fees if you’re travelling from a country where the local currency is different. Before you leave for Saudi Arabia, it’s a good idea to convert some money and familiarize yourself with the rates that various currency exchange companies provide. Additionally, banking costs related to foreign transactions might mount up.

Souvenirs and Gifts:

It is customary for pilgrims to return with mementoes of their holy journey. These keepsakes function as concrete remembrances of the spiritual encounter at Mecca. Setting aside money for souvenirs enables you to pick well-chosen keepsakes that perfectly convey the spirit of this hallowed journey. Pilgrims should consider various factors before buying souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones.

How much money is required to go to Umrah from the UK?

Many Muslims from the UK travel to Mecca each year to perform Umrah. Sometimes, pilgrims may be concerned about the expenses of their travel arrangements for the pilgrimage. To overcome this challenging situation, we will discuss different costs of the pilgrimage below:

  • If you travel to Mecca on a tight budget, your expenses for Umrah can range between 800 to £1000 per person.
  • The expenses for Umrah can range between 1400 to £1600 per person if you want to seek average accommodations, transportation, and other facilities.
  • If you travel to Mecca on a deluxe travel package, you can easily spend £2000 or more per person. This package includes luxury accommodations near the Haram, private transportation, etc.

Moreover, if you get the best deals for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages by comparing different travel packages, visit this website:

You should be aware of your expenses on an Umrah travel to ensure a hassle-free pilgrimage to Mecca. Pilgrims spend their money on various aspects of the pilgrimage, including flights, lodging, transportation, food, and souvenirs.

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