Instagram Marketing Tricks For Small Businesses

Every business, irrespective of its scale, place of operation, or any other factor, uses Instagram to market its products and services. One of the main reasons is thanks to its massive user base spanning over 1.9 billion, Instagram is considered the perfect platform for businesses, especially small ones, to spread word about their offerings to a larger audience.

Since marketing is such an important aspect of making a business grow in today’s digitally driven world, every small business should follow foolproof Instagram marketing tips and tricks to ensure growth. Here is an in-depth look at some of the most prominent ones:

    Switch to a Business Account

If you own or manage the social media side of a small business and its business handle on Instagram is a regular account, it would be best if you switch to and set up a business account. Unlike a regular account, a business account offers numerous advantages to businesses in general. For example, business accounts feature additional settings and features, such as adding a shop button, specifying the business’s category, etc.

Besides this, business accounts also feature numerous analytical tools and options, each allowing digital marketers to see how well the Instagram handle performs in different aspects such as reach, engagement, etc.

Every small business which aims to grow on Instagram and attract potential clients or customers is advised to switch to a business account to effectively market their business’s offerings and determine whether the current marketing strategy is working or not by using the account type’s tools.

    Set the Right Profile Picture and Bio

The profile picture and the bio are the first things any Instagram user notices when opening an account’s homepage. Therefore, when setting up their Instagram handle, every small business should use a suitable profile picture and a well-written bio since the saying “First impression is the last impression” stands true in the case of Instagram accounts as well.

When setting up the profile picture, the individual handling the job should be aware of factors such as Instagram frame size, correct dimensions of photos, etc., to ensure they fit the profile picture correctly. Users who wish to make their business famous and well-recognized on the social media platform are also advised to use the organization’s official logo as the profile picture. 

Coming to the bio, it should be simple yet accurate. When writing the bio, users should clearly state what the business has to offer in subtle yet clear terms. No Instagram user wishes to or has the time to decode cryptic bios, especially when it is of a business account. 

    Post Unique and Engaging Content

Since Instagram is home to billions of accounts, chances are that there are already many similar accounts of businesses that have the same offerings as yours. The question that now arises is how you can stand out. The answer is simple – uploading unique content that attracts the target audience. Instagram allows users to upload content, including feed posts, stories, reels, etc. 

Depending on the marketing strategy their business is following, managers of businesses should create or instruct to create appealing and unique content. Fortunately, there are multiple ways of doing so, such as narrating stories related to the brand or its genre, making reels about products and services, offering tips related to the business’ offerings, etc. 

    Use the Right Hashtags

One of the most crucial features most marketers ignore or abstain from using is hashtags. In simple terms, hashtags allow people who do not follow an account to discover its content, including posts, reels, etc. According to research and surveys, users should add 7 to 30 hashtags in every post to enhance their reach.

However, the number of hashtags a user should include also depends on the number of followers an Instagram account has. Instagram recently rolled out a feature using which account owners can see the number of people that found their account thanks to the added hashtags. To conclude, any business that wishes to grow on Instagram should use the right hashtags smartly. 

    Interact with the Audience 

What is more important than building an audience is to convince or compel them to stay, i.e., prevent them from unfollowing or muting the business account. One of the best ways to do this is by interacting with them. To interact on Instagram, in the case of businesses, is replying to followers’ comments, answering DMs related to important topics, liking and pinning comments, etc.

The more a business’s Instagram interacts with the target audience or followers, the better the chances of its word spreading among others who require its services but are unaware of it. Therefore, small business accounts on Instagram should interact with the audience regularly to increase their reach. 

If you own a small business and aim to market it well on Instagram, follow the effective tips mentioned above.






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