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Liaquat university of medical and health sciences

Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences is the VOC for Magic Learning and was initially a medical school with the famous One Harding D of Eaton Eighty-One Mode Spinning Medical Research and Learning covering about 150 km from Emergency Decorating and 15 km from the city. Located about a kilometer away, the Decamps Spirits more than five hundred and fifteen courses. This medical college was first extinguished in the city or rebuilt in Sir Francis MO River and hear that the seat of the seat was abroad when the medical college status. And the medical college caught fire by the end of 1914.

In the same way you took a sample of 3 medical colleges after which the symptoms started and in 1915 your magic stood in the first Prime Minister or boxes in this colorful ice shift in the same premises of Henry Bar City Hospital, the members of the college. The key was shifting the New Campers ad. For more than 15 years during my team’s six-tiered force trip to John Showroom, he matched this result and medical education research, and in the Chilean and Glenn MBPS courses, each time only in the dental section in 1960 three.

It was only then that this collection also started postgraduate courses and various disciplines of medical science became a vast postgraduate institute in my 10th. Most of these projects are from UCPS Plants Graphic Nation of Heat and PBS. It is worth mentioning that the General Medical Council of De Gray Image has been used for many years or it specializes in various fields of clinical and basic sciences. In fact, it has the status of a medical university and has just been rebuilt in more than a hundred fields, including the postgraduate coaches of this office, including the PhD.

Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences

Facilities inch Professional Development Center Diagnostic and Research Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Institute of Ophthalmology St. Institute or Tape Oil and Time Methodology Institute of Medicine and University of Dermatology and Venereology Office of Students who are from different countries of the country and sometimes we provide these facilities in foreign countries. We’ve built 6 hotels for Potomac and Family App Campus Race 6,000 students for Wild EA or Six Grids Round students and is working on a key role for postgraduate students who travel to today’s glorious journey. There and there we see the helper Allah Almighty. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences This shot clearly outlines the world-class vision and mission of the faculty members’ novels and management power in Spain, as well as the roadmap for this university headset. Is.

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