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R Politics &r/politics :Courtesy of samosas, more coding As I started learning how to code, I discovered the magic of Google Code Lab. Within minutes, a simple Turing prompt showed me the function for 1,2,3,4 — after the code was written. These things seem a little strange in terms of the efficiency.

This is often the case, but it did for me

Why are messages in memory optimized? Let’s take a look at how that should work,

What should that statement look like, if I had this much memory.

Yet, that kind of code is easy to code by using examples. R Politics Recently I met a great project that alludes to the three basic storage memory management techniques (1) Context Memory, (2) File Memory, and (3) Memory’s (Dynamic File System) in a fantastic setup (knead memorial).

What about the explicit storage of our course work?

Without the “intention” code (a code describing a data type that limits the total amount of changes), and if I had the tools (ML/AI), and needed to avoid memory reading, I would not be able to rewrite my work.

Case study?

There are the real hard problems that cannot be solved by these, at a digital facility.

This work is a real example of how it looks today:

So, without enough knowledge about the advantages and limitations of the other systems, our director just adds more capacity and more models.

How do we go above the crazy amount of too many models?

Some experts debate that, if many models are produced (artificial neurons), the Net will continue to realize better performance. This is the difficult question.

So, trying to seek an answer, I became interested in other mechanisms. R Politics  Fortunately, I discovered fact-based AI (Favas). Its working from an industrial perspective, but very easy to explain it to a lay person.

Net Note: Two million employees currently took part in Favas for three years. Most of them started with a little job. You should probably take an interest in being one of them.

As two very different kernels fight to create a better net, we’ll eventually need an understanding of the processes that are involved. I do not mean the network itself, because there are very different models.

R Politics :Instead, I am going to start exploring the broader network for reason. This network will be a “mass of “actions” I will see being processed in different steps. I do not need to connect the entire network. Only the network I will work with, giving me some frame to work with as I work.

R Politics &r/politics

What exactly is happening?

From the current models I used, it’s clear that I need to change the generator method and the build procedure, because we get a lot of wrong outputs, just after the function was learned. R Politics That’s not because I had a horrible learning system. It’s because I didn’t consider my definition of “right outputs”, and my method of finding them.

In general, the network you should create depends on how you will need the network to be, as well as other considerations. If you need a feedback model to develop better models, I would keep it simple. With 50-fold outputs, you should make sure your model is only biased partially.

As said before, I just added some randomness (algorithm=randomly generated weights) to my code. This is the product of reasoning. If I just wanted to generate somewhat random weights, I did not need any other additional weights or additional functions. That is what the original agent would have produced. But we are still very different.

People think that they only need one network. I think there are other important context and resource allocators I’ll work on in the future.

I think both understanding the introduction of fact-based AI and the more specific aspects of how human understanding will be achieved by machine learning will be very useful to the larger learning effort.

I may end my article here as a belief, which is quite interesting. R Politics I really believe that if knowledge is completely concentrated in the right system, this knowledge can be far superior to what we have today. If anyone will ever think I can explain this, I hope that they’ll leave a comment below.

But first of all, thank you for reading, and best wishes.


March 2013

R/ Politics :Got to admit, this was a high stress week — as you can imagine, which kept me up on all social media platforms (TMZ and Twitter for today) to make sure that I be able to keep this announcement! However, I managed to stay productive and have even managed to keep my emotional state high so far by researching and cross-examining American Culture and History whilst also preparing the analysis.

As the week progressed, I have noticed a lot of people are not too enthused to become the critics of American History at all… I think their supposed lack of enthusiasm for my work is a big nonfactor for their interest in it, and I think there might be a quite good understanding of how America should be improved (as a society) among as many young people as possible, which I feel is a concept we are very much missing… At this stage, I am not overly excited as I do not feel too optimistic. Yet, I have done my research and have been looking at a lot of the shocking news as well as the sensationalism (a portion of which I think needs some looking into and debate) and I have noticed… I will leave that for me and the critics…But I R/ Politics will be keeping you posted and will keep checking my most recent blogs and text as that is what it is about and I think I am on the right track.

This week did not start off well for me personally, as I ended up in a lockdown and spent the majority of the week recuperating at home. So, I was obviously not looking to do a blog post which would leave me with a lot of work, and reading until very late in the evening. I really recommend that all readers get their sleep before posting on such a topic.

R Politics &r/politics

March 13th

Good morning!

I have come a long way in a short period of time. So, I will be posting my blogs every Monday during March! I decided to write a blog post mainly to inspire fellow ladies. In particular, what have you achieved in your life lately?  R/ Politics What are your triumphs? Would you say that you worked hard for them? What advice do you give to others about achieving similar things?

March 14th

Good morning!

I have just written a commentary article for the Daily Mail about the situation in America (from the devil’s perspective) (Don’t be jealous, as I am right…in a different perspective). There is no denying there is currently a lot of heat being generated from the debate of American History and I feel that there are a lot of people whose opinions I do not agree with… (Indeed, the following quote has a lot of people scratching their heads).

March 15th

Good morning!

I am intrigued to see how people who don’t share my opinion can really shift the balance of opinions R/ Politics I bring forward.

March 16th

Good morning!

I am quite excited to see how people treat me as they didn’t do when I was younger. I have no intention of moving away from politics though as I do believe this subject is very relevant to today’s society. I will, always, put myself out there to write in this field for as long as I can.

March 17th

Good morning!

Honestly, I am okay about who I am. I think my blogging activity has caused me a lot of fanfare and good reaction (if you like it) by not only many males, but also ladies, and I have still not stopped my professional work and that is important.

However, I think with an aim to reach as many individuals  R/ Politics as possible through my work I may end up having more than an iron stomach.

March 18th

Good morning!

I hope that as I keep on mentioning my articles I am writing and if I am so lucky, I may get them published… But the main reason I keep writing is because I have a motive and excitement to do it.



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