The Secret of SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE & Melissa McCarthy

SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE: is the perfect example of a 4 out of 10 movie a film that confidently and comfortably sits within a forgettable medium the type of film that if it was a student sitting an exam the teacher would have to take it aside after the fact and tell it that it had potential but wouldn’t be able to reach it without studying as it stands now the film sadly is not sentient there’s no border film education to sit super intelligence downing its office and tell,

It what the consequences would be of it not passing its coexisted there’s me not so much a teacher but a vulture picking at the bones of the dead and the forgotten in order to pay rent but despite films not being sentient,

There are always culprits and in this case we have repeat offenders actor and producer Melissa forty-seven Mallory famous writer of the boss an amazing tweet such as why are the arches of my feet hurting,

Because I haven’t won shoes in three-week ben Falcone the director who’s also Melissa’s dearest husbanded yes the perfect dose of nepotism to ensure that nobody is prepared to give one another any substantial critical feedback or advice an incestuous amalgam,

which ensures that the priorities on set aren’t towards making the best film possible but making sure everyone’s comfortable on set all the Capri sun in the buffet anyone could want and as much space as,

we can possibly give for Melissa McCarthy too her thing but new to the McCarty entourage is Britain’s very own fat love James Corden who’s taking a well-deserved break from assisting the British government in retaking,

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Melissa McCarthy
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like it you can always get your money back this special discount offer is only available to nitpicks viewers so be sure to check out the link in the description below number one tell never show super intelligence opens with basic stock footage of Seattle kind of similar to the opening of the room except the room is actually memorable we see these big computer hard drives flash red and we’re introduced to our main character carol played by Melissa McCarthy she’s at some kind of market selling dogs to passing punters,

She gets a phone call from her best friend Denny who conveniently tells carol everything about her character she works an eclectic mix of jobs from teaching students to cleaning the ocean to adopting dogs we also learned that she ‘shad a breakup which inspires the only joke in this scene you promised they weren’t gone bring up George anymore was it a strawberry margarita promise cause you know those don’t count,

Denny’s arranged a job interview for heart her dating company and we jump straight into that interview in the NeXTs cenote scene opens with them inviting.

carol to sit on an oversized bean bag we just we put beanbags here so people can really like feel relaxed during their interview shahada it’s so funny that carol’s she’s finding it hard to sit on the big bean bag and she’s falling over because she’s confirmand fat and oh man comedy gold weirdly the scene is actually,

The comedic peak of SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE as the interviewers are characterized in such an absurdly callous way that some of their lines land but they aren’t the focus of this scene no tis the bag we chuckle and titter at it is in this scene that we learned That carol used to work at yahoo but she left to do something more fulfilling like what she’s currently doing now and why is she even at this job interview she broke ,

oh yeah I forgot she’s just there because her friend told her to goes in this scene that one of the interviewers tells her that she’s literally the most average person on earth and you’re literally the most average person on earth which perks the interest of this doohickey which looks at her and gives her a star emoji whatever could this mean for the outcome of our protagonist no need to think about it we will fanout immediately smash cut to carol lying in bed receiving an anonymous phone call from astringe computerized voice which she weirdly thinks is her friend Denny carol peters I have an exciting opportunity for you jenny,

I went to the interview I tried he sounds nothing like your friend who still uses a landline with a blinking light of course it’s not her friend it’s an omnipotent aid Melissa McCarthy  who takes control of all the electronics in her house which just confirms that she isn’t really broke Orin desperate need of a new job at all so the film students watching this may or may not successfully identify this scene as the start of the second act you know the part of the movie where the bighting happens when our protagonist gets the call to action or the quest when the world changes forever etc.


SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE  Twelve only had two scenes before this we are five minutes in we have no real idea who this character is what her flaws are what kind of lessons he has to learn or anything we have ten straight minutes of this computer aid explaining everything carols we get a lot of who are you what’s going on here what do you want from me how can you be doing that at first carol thinks she ‘son a ,

Melissa McCarthy, super intelligence movie

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James Corden prank show James big fan then she thinks there’s abasement hacker messing with herein basic and to prove he’s not a hacker he hacks some traffic lights to cause a minor collision which definitely proves he’s not a hacker to here learned that this aid has become sentient and is unsure whether to save enslave or destroy all of humanity,

He wants to learn more about the humans before making that decision so he’s picked the most average human on earth to observe her for the next three days what the aid learns about carol will help him form its decision on what to do okay so this aid has control of every piece of technology it can do anything at once it knows everything about everyone and has chosen carol because a guy who was interviewing her announced that she was

catching up in a in a business casual setting working hard or how are they working is it Friday yet hilarious stuff guys great job they go on the date which is entirely organized and decided by the viand we get more attempts of flirting of course the business casual joke is repeated over and over because it was just so funny the first time that’s not business casual I just thought it would maybe be funny or ironic you know tonometer come here for a business casual on-date,

I my business casually accept your apology we learn a bit about why they broke up but it’s kept vague and left without in-depth thought I had to become something else ordo something else or save the world orzo there’s nothing that could cause tension or conflict in their part ways respectively and carol is happy to drive home but the aid demands,

That she go back in to talk to him she goes back and they fornicate they wake up and go on another day organized by the aid so why is this aid so interested in watching carol go on dates he explains to carol that reconciling with George is most likely to make her most vulnerable,

which will somehow aid his research on humanity butut no point does one even get the feeling that reconciling with George is even a hard thing for her to do these dating sequences are literally a good third of this movie and because Theia’s motivation is just to watch carol for three days he’s not even in these scenes,

Melissa McCarthy, super intelligence movie

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we get the sense that he’s watching them but we have no idea what the stakes are we don’t really know what would categorize as an error in this vague experiment for the sake of humankind we never get a sense as to whether our protagonist is getting closer or further away from saving the human race and since The protagonist isn’t particularly concerned about it either the meat of this movie becomes watching Melissa McCarthy in nice outfits going on nice dates with a relatively nice man number five the end is nigh the film also has a subplot that,

SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE I’ve not really gone into because it never directly affects the air carol or anything really basically the government is convinced that the ails going to kill everyone so they form a plan with the help of carol’s reindentation shut off the world’s electricity to deactivate the either plan to blame it on solar flares to avoid public panics where’s all this heading we’ve got,

James Corden as an aid forcing carol toast out a rom-com for the sake of all humanity but he seems to like a fine they’re pretty much just dating again mean he is moving to Ireland tomorrow and it’s for that reason that carol decides to leave George to pack because if she stays she’ll just be more upset but after leaving she’s pretty upset anyway look she’s not even answering cordon’s calls which is actually hairstreak decision,

she’s made in the whole film over an hour into it but when she gets home there’s no escaping that cheeky James Corden carol 46 hours ago I asked you what you wanted the most in life and you told mean no uncertain terms probably try to make things right with George you know that the word probably is an uncertain term right you didn’t ask what she wanted most out of life you asked her what she would do if the world would end in three days and she did make things right with George,

they are 100on better terms now but because Melissa McCarthy didn’t convince George not to move to Ireland this is enough evidence to confirm his theory inhumanity learned that humans won’t act in their best interest if there is even the slightest impediment that is just completely historically untrue he then goes full rogue like lord man baton did against Harold Wilson saying he’s gone blow up all the nukes and he had a master plan with Denny and with the solar flares or something but basically everyone’s dead because she failed the test he gives her a five hour countdown and she runs like the wind he’s not a phone that’s not even working solar player if the phones don’t work.


SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE  why were you even on it on the first place who are you texting Melissa McCarthy runs all the way to George’s house we have this big dramatic countdown the running the actinal to build up to another date scene carol helps George pack for Ireland deciding she’d rather spend her last moments of life enjoying herself with him instead of preparing for the oncoming apocalypse they pack boxes they drink some champagne they dance together and then ,

Melissa McCarthy , super intelligence movie
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George goes off to islands leaving carol all alone waiting for the end to arrive but it turns out that this was the one thing that the aid couldn’t have foreseen this singular act of love is enough for the super intelligent movie auto call the whole apocalypse off even though,

carol and George have been getting on like this for the entire movie nothing changes between them in this moment in fact George is completely oblivious to the aid and the apocalypses from his perspective there isn’t any significance to the hangout he leaves for islands firm in the belief that he will see her again in three weeks and yet somehow this was enough for the aid to doe complete 180and start talking about the value and beauty of humanity so much so that he throws his entire plan in the biniou did the opposite of everything anticipated you’d do why what made you do it I guess love have to rethink things how can we as an audience even buy into the idea of this shift in perspective,

when for the entirety of the film none of these characters have showcased what could be considered announce of humanity but anyway the apocalypse gets called off and the government all have a cheer and give Melissa McCarthy a government job like second to the president or something carol and George’s relationship disallowed to continue thriving and despite,

James Corden fully getting close to the ending the world him and mar McCarthy remain mates happily driving into the sunset together doing you guessed it a carpool karaoke one week since you looked at me talked your head to the side and said I’m angry five days since you but the real pity of it all is that in an era where the mid-budget movie has been basically sidelined for the blockbuster the fact that they’re making a comeback should be a good thing the mid-budget.

film has always been an exciting space for new directors to make a name for themselves and play creatively with the form of cinema however today the mid-budget film has become a platform for saturating our streaming services ensuring that there’s always something to watch even if it’s not really worth our time and that’s all that SUPER INTELLIGENCE MOVIE is another misshapen bullet firing out of the Hollywood minigun of vapid garbage whether the individual bullets hit their mark or not is irrelevant because the unending torrent ensures that in the end something will always die but let me know,

what you think of Melissa McCarthy James Corden and the deterioration Omid-budget movies I’d like to thank cyberchats for the sponsorship it really helps out the channel don’t forget to click the link in the description and get the special discount code cyborg host vans is giving you cyborg host vans will protect your data while you browse and give you full access to all block content on the internet for just two pound fifteen a month it’s totally risk-frees give it a whirl link in the description I’d also like to thank my patrons for making this video possible thanks so much guys see you later.


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