Top 50 Pashto Dramas Names

Pashto dramas: Pashto is the second-biggest provincial language in Pakistan for the most part spoken in the northwestern area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the northern locale of the Baluchistan region. The all-out number of Pashto speakers is something like 40 million, A public language of Afghanistan. There are so many famous dramas in Pashto language, in this topic Which discuss top 50 Drama names.

Pashto Dramas Names

  1. Perone
  2. Meem Zar Ma
  3. Pahemana
  4. Tandar
  5. Bakht Dey Rabedar Sho
  6. Janjali
  7. Austazay
  8. Shart
  9. Angar
  10. Oor
  11. Mat Azghi
  12. Arman
  13. Khanadan
  14. Intizar
  15. Stare Lare
  16. Tawan
  17. Shair Khan
  18. Asaab
  19. Awre kana
  20. Sangar
  21. Sawara
  22. Siyali
  23. Banrechah
  24. Daghoona
  25. Aflatoon
  26. Latoon
  27. Kha pohegam kho na pohegam
  28. Aksona bakht
  29. Khale lasoona
  30. Shal Mi Na Karay
  31. Manre pa shmar de
  32. Paiwand
  33. Merata kowanda
  34. Maidan
  35. Angore Trawa di
  36. Jarga
  37. Sahar
  38. Soolai
  39. Raza
  40. Aitibaar
  41. Shpol
  42. Sur shal
  43. Rogh Lewanay
  44. Kashra bibi
  45. Khapoona
  46. Tabana
  47. Tadbeer Au Taqdeer
  48. Seri Garmi
  49. Zulekha
  50. Zool


The all 50 best top  Dramas Plz watch all these  dramas. More informative stories please visit site


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