Why Top 5 Movies Of All Time Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Top 5 Movies Of All Time: TV shows like the last kingdom and Vikings have made historical TV shows become a fixture in mainstream media and the popularity of many recent historical shows and series has meant,

That production companies and studios are keener now ,

than ever before to green light amazing new future historical dramas and TV shows,

This list is evidence of that as I bring to you my Top 5 Movies Of All Time recommendations of historical TV shows that I am most excited about that will be coming out in the near future,

1. Becoming Elizabethan #

It is becoming Elizabethan upcoming historical drama series that will cover the younger years of queen Elizabeth’s reign as an orphaned female monarch in a male-dominated royal court all fighting and plotting to further their own political power this TV show will start Alicia Von Gritter as queen Elizabeth and also have tom Cullen and Bella Ramsey as part of the secondary cast so the acting in the show,

should be good and hopefully introduce audiences to a lot of new actors and actresses, Top 5 Movies Of All Time

There’s not much else known at the moment about this show

But becoming Elizabeth is produced by stars,

The same companies behind amazing historical TV shows

like Spartacus and black sails soy have high hopes for this TV series,

which will cover a little talked about era of queen Elizabeth’s reign

2.  Masters of the air #

It is masters of the air an upcoming war drama miniseries brought to us by tom hanks’ Steven Spielberg and the team behind amazing war shows band of brothers and the pacific masters of the air will tell the story of the eighth air force of the united states army air forces,

during world war ii and all the heroics of these soldiers and pilots,

there’s not much known about thirst series release date yet except,

That the production has been severely hindered by krona with production,

being halted even as late as July 2021 due to positive Ova tests on set ,

This TV series is being produced by tom hanks’ and Steven Spielberg and it is stated to have somewhere between a 200 250 million dollar budget for about 10 episodes meaning ,

we are guaranteed to get a high-quality and well produced TV series ,

which may even be better than band of brothers,

I definitely cannot wait for masters of the air to get released

 3. Domino #

It is domino a historical drama based on the life of Libya Drusilla the wife of the roman emperor Augustus and the mother of roman emperor Tiberius and also arguably one of the most influential women in the history of ancient Rome this TV show in particular focuses on her time as the wife of Augustus and how she gained influence and power within,

The roman empire by using her intelligence ruthlessness and strong political connections to ensure,

she was a dominant force within Rome’s political sphere, Top 5 Movies Of All Time

This show is unique as the story is told primarily through a female perspective giving us,

A new lens from which to view ,

the power struggles taking place within ancient Rome although,

There are already a few episodes of this show that have already been aired,

I do feel comfortable adding dominant to this list as it is a show,

that has flown largely under the radar and I am keenly waiting,

for the rest of the episodes of this miniseries to get released.

Top 5 Movies Of All Time

4. Alexander the great #

It is an upcoming show on the life of Alexander the great being produced by us starlings television and it is confirmed to have Vikings creator Michael Hurst involved with the project as a writer at least for the pilot episode this show is still in early development stages but it orison to see that the production company is taking the show seriously by getting veterans like Michael Hurst involved from day one and also the show

will be filmed primarily in Greece to give the show, Top 5 Movies Of All Time

A more authentic feel as that is the birthplace of Alexander,The great there’s not much more known,

about the show at this time but Alexander,

The great is one of the most fascinating figures in all of history,

I’m very excited to see a show

finally being produced about his life and hopefully,

It will live up to the high expectations that I have for this show.

5. Vikings Valhalla #

The top spot on this list goes to Vikings Valhalla aspen-off to the popular Vikings TV series a show which I loved so I’m very hyped and excited to see what this Netflix original spin-off series will have to offer we have a presumptive release date of sometime in 2022,Top 5 Movies Of All Time

For this TV series and the cast has been largely confirmed for the show

As well with most of the cats being non-well-established actors and actresses,

Hopefully this will bring them more into the limelight Vikings Valhalla,

will follow the story of Leif Erickson egg,

there and William the conqueror so,

we have some amazing historical events and battles,

that will definitely be covered within

the series and with Netflix producing,

This show I’m confident that it will be one of the best historical series of 2022 as,

their track record of previously produced historical shows ,

Has been amazing bringing us great shows,

like the last kingdom rise of empires ottoman


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