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Xbody: Why use xbody?

Xbody: is a new and groundbreaking digital operating system designed to revolutionize the way you think about business, work, and life. It is built from the ground up for your mind, your body and your soul. And it’s open source too. You can download, try out, and contribute to it yourself.

  1. How xbody works

This post was originally published on xbody’s blog, but I felt that it was really well-written and worth sharing with the community.

  1. Why use xbody?

xbody is a social media marketing tool that helps you find the people who are interested in your product. xbody is designed to make it easier for you to get the attention of people who are already engaged with your product. No previous experience with social media marketing is required.

  1. How to use xbody

xbody is a very cool tool that lets you track your own product launches and is generally used to benchmark the different parts of your product. You can use it to measure the effect of your design choices on the value of your product, measure your company’s velocity, find out what customers are looking for in terms of features, etc.

It also serves as a great way to compare between different developers and their results. Sometimes more can be better than less.


The nice thing about xbody is that it does not require any installation (and works straight out of the box). It only requires login info and some basic information about how you want to use it (it will prompt you for this information), and it provides several ways to view things like:

  • Graphs showing how each part of your product affects its value (vs. other parts)
  • Visualizations showing how each part of your product value changes over time (vs. other parts)
  • Dashboards showing how various metrics across time affect value (vs. other metrics)

In addition, there are some optional features like:

  • Email notifications when new data is available in ×BODE → 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  1. Conclusion & suggestions

I have some thoughts to share regarding the topic of this post.

First, xbody is a tool that is not meant to replace Slack. It’s great for small teams and individuals who need more functionality than Slack offers, but it is not intended for large organizations or companies.

Second, many people use xbody as a replacement for JIRA (the most popular enterprise solution for JIRA’s nature). While I don’t think xbody is an entirely suitable replacement for JIRA, that doesn’t mean people should avoid using it.


Lastly, I don’t think xbody can compete with Slack itself. That said, it does a great job of helping you do things like manage your team (planning meetings, managing emails etc.), run your business (collaborating with peers and customers) and coordinate projects / deadlines (conferences / sprints).

If you are new to xbody or don’t know anything about its features or what it can do in general, please take some time to read the following:


I wrote about xbody in my previous post, but to summarize:

The problem of xbody is that it does not have a good user experience; it provides functionality that is easy to implement but doesn’t actually help users. The obvious solution is to make the UX more intuitive and make it look better, but at the moment this is not possible for two reasons. The first one is that we don’t have a team of designers and we don’t have time to waste on UX design. This is where xbody should come into the picture because it solves this problem.

The second reason why I think a lot of people would like to see xbody get out of the market is because they want something different. They want a cross-platform app which works across multiple platforms (of course I’m talking about Windows, Mac and Linux). This isn’t what xbody offers though because even though we do everything differently from most other cross-platform apps (e.g. uaibase), we are still compared with other native apps like Microsoft Office or Photoshop since among others they are all very different from each other in terms of their UI and features.



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