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Cat Noir: Adrien Agrestic also called Cat Noir is one of the two nominal primary heroes (close by Ladybug) of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. He is an understudy at Collège Françoise Dupont and a design model. With his mystical ring, occupied by a Kwamin named Flagg, he has the force of misfortune and can change into the hero Cat Noir (Chat Noir in the French adaptation). He briefly gets the Snake Miraculous from Ladybug, which, when possessed by the Kwamin Sass, can change him into Aspic, a snake-themed superhuman.

He is voiced by Benjamin Bullen in the French rendition, in the English form by Bryce Papen creek, who additionally voiced Rin Okumura, Masami Kida, Makoto Negi, Naito Kameda, Meliora’s, Kirito, Eran Yeager, Zidane Tribal, Butters Scotch, Shiro Amiya, Roker Emad, Lance, Kagura Karachi, Silver the Hedgehog, Starz Charlie Blood, and Shiro Amiya, and by Rota Ōsaka in the Japanese adaptation.


Adrien is charming, alongside being bashful and somewhat held. While jumping at the chance to have a great time, he is more genuine, loyal, and more uncertain because of his severe childhood. In the event that something makes him tragic, he attempts to make light of his sentiments on it, similar to his relationship with his dad. He thinks sensibly, and he will communicate irritation and disappointment when somebody is being troublesome or something is turning out badly. However not transparently enthusiastic or tender to a great many people, he is amicable and empowering, and for those he is near, he makes some more straightforward memories allowing his sentiments to show.

As Cat Noir, Adrien, having the opportunity to act any way he needs outside of his typical life, allows his more out of control to side come out, being arrogant and active. More hopeful and open, Cat Noir says whatever rings a bell and makes a lot of jokes and quips, many being feline-related. In his endeavors to stand out enough to be noticed, alongside others, he gloats and brags about himself, however, his change to his hero status doesn’t lessen his generosity and worry for other people, among a lot of his other character qualities like disturbance inclination, and devotion.

cat noir

While more inclined to mess about, Cat Noir gets genuine when required, similar to when battling an aluminized scalawag. It’s uncommon for him to uncover his powerless, Adrien-like side, however it comes through on occasion, for example, unobtrusively remarking that not all guardians are cherishing in “The Bubbler” and attempting to no end to inform Ladybug concerning his adoration for her before their changes wear off in “Dull Cupid”.

Not set in stone to help other people and make all the difference, Cat Noir esteems being a superhuman and is uninhibited by his nonmilitary personnel life. He additionally comprehends that it takes something beyond superpowers to be a legend or valuable as seen in “Reflect” when, despite the fact that his powers were gone, he had the option to assist Ladybug with the trip of a difficult situation with his speedy reasoning. Feline Cat Noir is additionally inviting and amicable with regards to tolerating new options to the group, having open arms for Lila in “Vulpine” and Rena Rouge in “Spots”.

As per Ladybug in “Copycat”, Cat Noir might disturb her to pieces however he’s never misled her, implying that he is straightforward. Additionally, as Cat Noir, Adrien has individuals’ devotion, regard, trust, and help when he wants it, as seen in “Reflect” and “Godzilla”.

Actual appearance Cat noir ring

Adrien is without a doubt taller than Marinette, and he has swept back fair hair and green eyes.

He wears a white shirt, with a neckline and rolled-up sleeves over his elbow, and a dark shirt under with five flat stripes around the chest which are shaded, start to finish, yellow, olive green, radiant green, dim green, and periwinkle. On the ring finger of his right hand, he wears a silver-hued ring that he uses to change into Cat Noir. Also, he wears dim Levies and orange tennis shoes with white trim and a logo of a dark butterfly shape in a circle on the sides.

cat noir

As Cat Noir, he wears a dark calfskin suit with a brilliant ring on his chest. He has a long belt that hangs out like a feline’s tail, gloves with hooks on the fingertips, and boots. He has dark feline ears and a dark veil covering part of his face. His eyes, including the sclera, are green and look feline-like, and his hair is more chaotic and untamed, covering his ordinary ears. His ring becomes dark and gains a green paw print in the circle.


As nonmilitary personnel

As well as being a design model and self-taught, Adrien takes b-ball, fencing, piano, and Chinese examples. Along these lines, he can speak Chinese fluidly and can speak with Wang Cheng. He is additionally very great at computer games, having the option to beat Max in Ultimate Macha Strike III and accomplish one of the top scores in the whole school. Adrien, as Cat Noir, shows that he comprehends Morse code in “Robots”. In “Sapotas,” it is uncovered that he knows kung-fu.

Adrien can battle on equivalent grounds with his Aluminized fencing educator and fight off his knights easily, showing incredible expertise for hostile and guarded developments. Other than fencing, he likewise does karate, as uncovered in “Simon Says”, which empowers him to battle close-by-to-hand battle also.

As Cat Noir

Feline Cat Noir has upgraded abilities like speed, dexterity, strength, and close immunity.

cat noir

Like a feline, he likewise has upgraded faculties like hearing, smell, night vision, and has super secrecy. Additionally like a feline, he can go through his hooks to climb surfaces, as found in “Dull Cupid” and a few different scenes. Feline Cat Noir utilizes his staff effectively, employing it like a blade, tossing it with incredible accuracy and having it be avoided back to him, having the option to turn it at high velocities to frame a safeguard, and exploiting its duplication and length-evolving highlights. Cat Noir To travel significant distances, he utilizes his staff and its assortment long to vault over deterrents. He likewise has great hand-to-hand battle abilities when required.

His unique power, Cataclysm, permits him to contrarily influence anything that he contacts with his ring hand. While it is normally used to

As Mister Bug

Mr. Bug has significantly more upgraded abilities, like speed, spryness, and strength, and he is practically safe from actual harm. He has the astounding ability with Cat Noir employing his yo-yo, such as utilizing it as a catching snare, a rope to limit others, a shot, and assuming that he turns adequately quick, even a safeguard. After a fiendish Akumaa is set free from its debased article, he can open her yo-yo and toss it to snatch it, eliminate the energy that Hawk Moth accused it of, and discharge it as a typical butterfly.

His extraordinary power, Lucky Charm, helps him by bringing an article that he uses to accomplish his evenhanded, regularly being Cat Noir to stop a reprobate. Notwithstanding, it depletes his power and returns him to Adrien right away thereafter, so he needs to utilize it shrewdly. When the miscreant is managed, Mister Bug can toss his Lucky Charm object into the air and utilize the Miraculous Mister Bug, which will cause it to return to energy and fix all of the harm done since the reprobate was made.

cat noir

As Aspic and Snake Noir

His novel superpower, Second Chance, Cat Noir permits him to “save” a particular second and return time to it later, with each of his recollections unblemished.

As Astro Cat

He can fly and endure the vacuum of room.

Random data

The name “Talk Noir” is French for “Dark Cat”. A few sources have referred to him as “Dark Cat” rather than Chat Noir or Cat Noir.

It is displayed in “Mr. Pigeon” that Adrien is oversensitive to feathers and furthermore that he can whistle.

Additionally, he wheezes multiple times, Cat Noir which is the number of lives that a feline is oddly said to have.


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