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Boston fish market: we’re here in Boston fish market wheeling branch and we’re going to try their seafood so we’re going to go inside and I’ll showroom on let’s gonolek at the fresh lobster are all freehand you can buy here NowThis is Luis the owner and chef of the Boston fish market so can you tell us where this thing started this one is started in the enforcement Massachusetts have my own boats and 1995 I decided to come to Midwest then open a small store and this plains and theism sorry in Harvard heights calamari’s then I moved to these plains1649then I moved to top 25so the company is large now and we open the Boston fish market so if you’re craving for seafood come here we’ve been to this place before and this is actually our first time here in wheeling but I live in wheeling oh ethnic I’m here you know thank you nice meeting.

I thin kaisos can you recommend here loineyes thank you oh so let’s take those morning Delhi hooky yes we want to try it okay yeses give you baklavas we will try that you know so the Francine and then okay Hollywood and then the thing you know we’re good monsieur hallelujah Greek challenge big salad I knowingly for our drinks we have the SharkBite it is made of pepper on Vermont apple cider and cranberries so actually this Boston fish market is uh I didn’t taste this you know this is my first it’s time it’s sweetgum the alcohol is not much but it’s good like refreshing,Boston Fish Market

Especially with this ice you know we’re here outside right now look at the people there’s a lot of people eating here our dinner here and this is their bread you know that ‘sheathes is a garlic bread it’s chewy inside but crunchy outside that’s the second appetizer an okay and then oh by the waylay just one we’re going to share it yeah the brick yeah oh I love Greek grilled octopus salad yeah you’re okay with onions sits really fresh cheers and if you want you can put some lemon juicy freehand swearword you see how big is this salad.

Boston fish marketing wheeling

That this is a Greek salad with real cocktails wow well this is you know this is where they eat with the pita cheese with egg some tomato the lettuce peppers think what is this any waylayers will dig in nonsocial dig certain society this is another cheap day for mesh and things are there’s some carrot soybean that’s an idea and I think the beets right this is the beets okay we’ll try it’s usually uh the Greek salad is made forlivian then olive oil and with lemons

That’s use Boston fish marketing wheeling I’m still unhealthy healthier and outthink hookworm our second appetizer this is a special order of digit’s her favorite the calamari and shrimp rice shrimp in calamari this one order humongous wows well we’ll dig in there’s some French free-soil try the calamari first oh they have gold slow and this is the hotel sauce and I know it’s going to be crunchy kind of buttery[Applause]you know and these are all fresh you knows deep into the capital headwater good ready that’s the branzino the Mediterranean seabass right yeses believe you can just leave the head there I like to be a big head yes Boston fish market I’ll give it back to you yeah wow this is the hard Patrushev wants fish too i think to cry there’s always going to be something but this is the most tastier enjoy you guys so this is the sauce it’s like this is olive oil salt pepper and then delicious all right cheers enjoy okay thanks okay so this is the branzino the Mediterranean white Mediterranean white box look at this you know fatty unjuiciest okay and my first try don’t even need to have Boston fish market this sauce because I want to taste the juiciness and the sweetness of this fish tasty very Goodwater tender and it will just like melting your mouth this is Leia’s order it’s a Hollywood it’s also grilled and it’s all like Greek the way that the Greek cook you know they grill it with olive oil and very goody think this is my favorite different sweetsops goods for our dysesthesias.Boston Fish Market

The Mediterranean know it’s going to be sweet but this is a good compliment for the fish peace Isisism’s megahit and swallow tithe sweetness is kind of done it’s just like you’re kind of grateful for that it’s still good you know for headsets always going to be spitting because so we’re going to end up here so again thank you very much for following using you turbaned next week Saturdays by the way I’m going to greet some of my friends and that they ‘rereading their birth page this week I’m gonatids birthday is it’s her birthday today for all my assessment and evaluation of the day it’s still a great thing open-door lunch here so I highly recommend this place this is Boston fish marketing wheeling and if you want if you’re close to this place you can go they’re always the same and it’s owned by enemies and it’s great food here everything highly recommend it’s two thumbs up it’s really good.

Boston fish market des Plaines

Seafood restaurant in the city of des Plaines so this is going tube a good treat and a good day with my husband so we found out there’s a good seafood restaurant in this plain so we are very excited guys Togo and try their seafood and we love seafood so we are going to try their seafood in this place the restaurant’s name is called Boston seafood market or Boston fish market my husband told me we are going to try this seafood and hopefully it’s good it’s goods without further ado guys let’s go to the city of this plane life in a world that keeps changing think that it’s progress you’re making a copy and paste pretty faces all the time pictures so perfect we play through only cause you set up the angle webbed at you we’ve got a tangled card.

Boston Fish Market

what’s before our eyes show off your fantasy reality whoa that’s yours but I’ll keep doing mine you’ll be don’t need any time to prove that dissident need any[Applause]beautiful people still make mistakes it isn’t perfection what is it we chase about for your 15 seconds of fame it ‘sortie so Andy Natale guys a Boston fish market earlier guys because of pandemic you’ll be living your goodbyes[Applause]don’t need any times we choose to sit outside guys don’t say extensions uh smaller Adidas extension mamaliga

But I hope one day you’ll break through see me don’t need any time to prove that thesis you want so that you can try their simples it’s very popular down herein city of this plane so you can also eat seafood think that it’s progress you’re making a copy and paste pretty faces all the time pictures so perfect we playthrough only cause you set up the angle we’ve got is tangled caught in what’s before our eyes show off your fantasy reality whoa that’s yours but I’ll keep dionine showed you some of their recipes and looks so good guys and looks so delicious yews eat a lot and especially to me ordered the fish and the calamari and the calamari was so good and next time guys we are going to try their mixture like a muscle like a clam-like a clam that is they called jumbo seafood.


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