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Rengoku is a main supporting character in the series particularly in the latest demon slayer movie he is one of the pillars of the flame hasher rengoku made his debut in episode 21 of the anime and chapter 44 of the manga ring Oku is or was 20 years of age his birthday is on May 10th which makes him a Taurus appearance-wise rengoku is pretty tank he is tall standing at five foot nine and a half and has a strong athletic build weighing159,

Pounds his hair is long and yellowing color with red streaks it is worn down with shoulder-length bangs that frame either side of his face his eyes not only extremely intense and focused are a golden color with a red gradient go with the intensity of his eyes are his insane thick black eyebrows those things are crazy attire wise rengoku wears the regular demon slayer uniform that consists of the jacket white belted hakama pants his version of the uniform is a paler brown version of the usual outfit over this he wears his hairy I think that’s how you pronounce it probably not who knows that is why and has red and yellow flame ridges.

 Top facts Rengoku

Rengoku and purgatory translate to a similar thing for the fact kyojuro rengoku loved to watch sumo wrestling apparently he was a big fan of the sum wrestling, not the mama, not the wrestling that we see in the west we’re all fake where all the fake stuff is going on you like to watch the big fat dudes the big marshmallows the big Michelin man looking dudes get into the rain and start slapping their fat against each other ohia and I think I forgot to mention that wasn’t just me coming up with that fact all of this is stated by the author just so you guys know but moving.

kyogen and Goku’s favorite food was sweet potatoes apparently when eating them he also said tasty or delicious each time he puts one in his mouth which you guys are probably fairly familiar with if you saw the munge train movie or even the recent episodes of demon slayer season 2 where they kind of rehashed the events going on and you know they had multiple scenes of kyodai screaming out loud delicious every time he ate anything next though rengoku ‘favorite side dish was salt grilled bream we know his whole like restaurant favorites we know his favorite foods the author really wanted to harp on what exact kind of food that JoJo liked in his spare time for fun.Rengoku

Toughly was never allowed to have a home pet or any kind of pet in general because his father hated animals you know it seems like his father hated a lot of things too like happiness, in general, next though kook’s very distant ancestor as stated by the man himself apparently ate a lot of tempuras which caused their descendants to have their own hairstyle be pretty abnormal let’s just say that about the hairs of the rengoku family especially the eyebrows too you know I’ve seen my fair bit of character designs and animating of like quirky looking characters.

Rengoku’s father also wore this when he was the flame hasher to finish off his look, he wears red mailsacks with yellow flames on them overall rengoku’s look is pretty sick rengoku is without a doubt a huge personality that boasts a big character the type that really stands out in a crowd he is very cheerful enthusiastic and of course way over the top rengoku really is the kind of man that wears his heart on his sleeve and is a person,

That many are just drawn to even the upper rank 3 demon akas a was in awe of this guy yes of course mainly due tenmoku’s insane talent but you know from what I saw there was definitely some form of respect there speaking of his talent rengoku has reached this level through very strict practice discipline and self-desire he is a swordsman of honor and a man who sticks to his morals these morals and principles of his were drilled into the young.

Rengoku by his mother who was fatally ill with what little remaining time she had left she made sure to let rangoku know that he had a role to fulfill because of his talent and ability she said to him that those who were born strong have a duty to protect the weak and you know rengoku surely lived his life by those morals and with the purest of hearts has saved many lives now the loss of their mother put a huge strain on the rengoku family Kyero’s father became extremely distant from both him and his younger brother senior their father a once passionate man became distant uncaring and you know was often drunk this didn’t stop.

Rengoku who had inherited his father’s last passion his drive and determination was unhindered and he kept walking forward to protect the weak rengoku’s Japanese voice actor is Satoshi Hino he has voiced other characters such as eons in overlord pisiform Naruto Daichi in haiku Isaac from log horizon and more rengoku’s English voice actor is mark Whitton he has voiced other characters such as geez inner zero vans reshot from shield hero Hiroshi Yamazaki in Kuroki’s basketball see slow from the promised neverland and more rengoku is a very powerful swordsman alone of the hasher he has extreme talent and natural ability like mentioned briefly earlier rengoku was that amazing that the upper rank 3 Akala tried desperately to turn him into a demon.

Rangoku could surpass his limits as a human what makes rengoku even more amazing is that he was pretty much self-taught his father gave up on training him after the passing of his wife and using an instruction book on the flame breathing techniques that only had three volumes ran Goku trained himself to the level of hasher rengoku really has it all you know his physical strength was amazing he could swing his sword with such precision and speed that it moved faster than the blink of an eye his reflexes and speed without a sword were just as impressive not just that but rengoku stamina and endurance can only be described as superhuman as pothanger and insure could only watch on in disbelief during his battle agnosticize.

 Rangoku didn’t just shine in the physical traits but the mental ones too he had a great tactical mind mastering combat techniques with his knowledge of battle he had incredibly honed senses being able to detect a demon way faster and much more accurately than tangier despite his very adept sense of smell Togo with all of this was rengoku’s will and unwavering spirit it gave him determination focus and this was arguably when Goku’s greatest strength not only did it save the lives of many but inspired those around him to surpass their own limits.

Rengoku was one of the most powerful and skilled swordsmen in the demon slayer corpse his blade was a standard niching katana his blade had reddish-orange flames along with the words destroyer of demons engraved on tithe hilt was also shaped like that of aflame rengoku was extremely proficient in the flame breathing technique and was really a master of this style now let’s have a look at some of the forms we knowledge used the first form a knowing firring would charge straight at his target and would decapitate them in either a single strike or multiple slashes this form would also burn the flesh of his enemy second form rising scorching sun this technique was an upward strike third form blazing universe this was the opposite to rising scorching sun.


Rengoku would swing his blade downwards fourth form blooming flame undulation this one was more of a defensive technique where rengoku would swing his sword in a circular motion creating a fire circle that blocked incoming attacks he would also use this as an attack where he would decapitate many demons at once fifth form flame tiger rengoku would swing his blade in a fury of powerful and quick slashes that formed a flaming tiger charging toward sits target 9th form rengoku this is the most powerful flame breathing technique that is basically a dashing slash attack this attack had so much power that the ground burned beneath it and in the movie, it took the form of a flaming dragon that had electric coming out from its mouth it was impressive it looked insane man okay let’s finish this video off with some trivia about rain Goku starting with his name’s meanings.

Rengoku means purgatory and his first name kyojiro has the kanji for apricot longevity and none of the main things that sticks out about rangaku is his hair now his very distant ancestor was said by kyojiro to have eaten a lot of tempuras which caused his hair to become abnormal and this was passed down throughout the generations rengoku’s favorite food is sweet potatoes he is seen to say tasty or delicious with everyone he puts in his mouth his favorite side dish is salt grilled bream random one but rengoku loves to watch sumo wrestling now going back to his sad childhood for a second kyojiro was never allowed to have a pet because his father hated animals and finishing off on an interesting one on his first ever mission rengoku ruptured his own eardrums to counter the blood demon art of the flute demon now it’s not confirmed but it is said that this could have had a permanent effect on his hearing.

Responsibility of Kyojuro Rengoku

This movie favorite anime characters I’m still trying to figure out the format for them so feel free to let me know what you would like to see from me on those alternative platforms now that we got this out of the way let’s get back to our beloved flame hasher the character of kyojuro rengoku can be described in one word flamboyant word that can be traced back to the old French word flambe meaning flame from his physical appearance to his abilities and personality kyojuro is one of the most congruent and in-your-face character designs in demon slayer but we shouldn’t take his straightforward design as a sign of simplicity kyojuro  rengoku is as deep and meaningful as one can get a seemingly goofy character at first rengoku turns out to be a thoughtful individual subject to babyproofing themes one of them being the theme of responsibility as part of the most elite and powerful combatants in the demon slayer core.

Rengoku upholds many of them the most upfront one being his responsibility as a Hasrat a young age kyojuro mother had instilled into him a personal responsibility that ended up profoundly shaping his existence and his way of life with that kyojuro grew up with a firm belief that the strong should protect the weak and that he should use his power for the sake of the world adaunting challenge that he willingly took on without hesitation and ended upholding his mindset and values for the rest of his life this simple lesson learned at a young age became the foundation to his belief system and hassled him towards a path of heroism and nobility as a hasher that is how impactful and influential.


Personal responsibility can be when it is aligned with a personal goal it can shape one’s entire life journey and is why it is so meaningful to do so but first we should specify what it means to bear a personal responsibility means to take full accountability for your decisions and actions but also the reactions to them without exceptions this doesn’t mean that everything that happens is due to your own doing but it means that you will do everything in your control and power to direct your situation in the right direction whatever that means for you will have no one to blame but yourself just like how kyojuro took responsibility for the state of the train even though he was asleep consistently by accepting personal responsibility you end up in a position to choose how you respond when life challenges you hence why complaining and blaming others for your situation is the least practical action you can take.

if we really think about it in any undesirable situation there are only three practical choices available to use can change the situation by taking action to leave the situation and if we can’t do either we accept it as it is those are without exceptions the only choices that can transform negativity into positivity and why we should prioritize those options complaining does not fit in any of those three choices and thus should be avoided once we understand the importance and power of personal responsibility we should choose a personal goal that aligns with it the responsibility of protecting the weak requires courage it involves being selfless and sacrificing yourself for others so it calls for strength and power the core mission of the demons layers is to protect humanity from demons so naturally, it requires all the attributes we just mentioned.

The best of the best at its it was simply a perfect fit Frangou’s personal responsibility as a result he was able to create for himself life of meaning purpose and fulfillment that is why rengoku smiled at the end of his life he was content and fulfilled to have lived a meaningful life and to have shouldered his responsibility to the best of his abilities and because he couldn’t change his fatal situation nor leave it he chose to accept irresponsibility doesn’t end with oneself however it propagates to others around and that is why rengoku naturally ended up bearing responsibility as a mentor to his brother to tan Jiro to zeniths and tonsure kyojuro  and Goku took on the responsibility of providing guidance feedback and support to all of them his responsibility as a mentor is in a way one in the same as his responsibility to protect the weak by providing guidance and support to his mentees he ended up making them stronger improving their ability to protect themselves with his father being the previous flame hasher.



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