Tech Referral Code: How to use Referral code ( 2022) Referral Code: Hello Welcome to Free Crypto Cash I am going to tell you how to register and get confirmed on  You can use the link in the section below to resolve your email address If you have already started, you can add this Referral Code after registering on their app and then enter your email address to sign up.

Click on Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice then continue this captcha slide so that you complete the puzzle on your email and then click on it You will also receive an email with your referral code.

And instructions on how to get your signup bonus now that your email address has been verified Enter your mobile phone number to continue anywhere and you will receive a verification code with the code.

Now that your mobile phone number has been verified, tap Continue.

If you would like to receive updates from, click on it and then continue. Referral Code Referral Code: 43yap5dt24) This code used $25USD

Verify your account so that you can provide your full legal name. Submit a valid ID and take a selfie. Continue to enter your full legal name as it appears in your correct identification then continue to your country location Automatically detects that you can change it if you are not from this country, you want to submit your passport driving license or other valid ID.

Take a picture of the front of your ID after the ID issued by the government and make sure that it is clear and not readable and then continue then take a picture of the back of your ID to read it. Should be able to and should not fade then do not take selfies and follow the instructions before I take several selfies before washing.

To proceed to the next step your data will be analyzed and uploaded to their system for verification. If your documents are rejected then all you have to do is re-submit the documents until They will not let you know if your account has been verified, it is stated that they will contact you in two to three business days but this is actually several weeks before I get verified on cryptoscopic think. It took about a month and many follow-ups to help them. Referral Code

You can click on it. If you have any questions after verifying your account, you will receive this email. You have used the referral code and your referrer will receive your bonus. Just follow the instructions on how to get it.

Your Bonus You can now start trading on Referral Code By changing your dashboard you will see that you have a balance that is your sign-up bonus by using a referral code that you can add to your Account must be unlocked.

How to free sign up to get $25 bonus?

Your references need to stake CRO to open their sign-up reward and for yourself and accept your reference reward. They may purchase the CRO in app via Credit/Debit Card. Crypto Walter, Bank transfer.


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