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Persian Cat: Persian cat price in Pakistan

Persian cat price in Pakistan: I’ll be giving you an idea about the prices of Persian cats. But you must keep this in mind that the price of the cat depends on the color and the coat. This is the basic trend which is followed in Asia I don’t know about the foreign in Pakistan the white Persian cats have greater rate and the cats which are triple coated which means they have very long hair are expensive.

Then comes the double coat and then single code and Pakistan there are some coats available which are considered to be really smooth. I have seen this in some breeds but they’ re not very common. It is I’ve told you about the faces of Persian cat. It will be taking about the price regarding the faces.

Top Persian cat price in Pakistan

Persian cat price in Pakistan

1.Doll face

The doll face is easily available in Pakistan from the price rang of 7000 to 10,000. If the cat has odd eyes, then it may be a bit expensive around 10,000 and if it has even eyes then the price would be about 6000 to 8000. If the colors are fond Gray etc. then you can easily get this over about 6000.

Persian cat price in Pakistan


  1. Semi punched

The semi punched face they usually cost about 8000 to 12,000 and in this also the colors have a huge impact on the prices. If the color is white then it would be a bit expensive and the coat is fluffy then it would be expensive as well. Some places people also sell them for about 20,000 this has happened to me in the clinic some customers came to me and we’ re selling a pair of semi punch face when I asked the price and they said it’s about 70,000 for the pair. Now there are some people as well in Islamabad so you can conclude that the prices are regarding the city, you’re in. but it also depends on the bloodline of the cat.

Persian cat price in Pakistan

  1. Punched faced

The punch faced as you can see my cat the owners told me that they have bought this from about 17 to 18,000 but I don’t know the exact price of him right now and it’s not for sale well, I would never sell this would about 15,000 to 20,000. If it’s good punched then it then it you can get this for about 20,000 to 25,000 as well and the prices get different according to the colors.

Persian cat price in Pakistan

  1. Extreme punched

They are recorded to be sold from 25,000 to 40,000 as well. If it’s a really good blood line then you will get in this price range.

Persian cat price in Pakistan

  1. Peaky face

It is usually a very expensive breed in coat about 45000 and if you get it imported it ‘ll cost you more than 80,000 is a really big amount and if you are buying it only for your interest. Then I’ll suggest you to buy a normal cat you can have a punch you can have semi punched. If you’re willing to buy this for breeding then obviously the scope is for only the breeds above the punch face. It has a great trend in Pakistan now so you can have such cat and get the breeding done.


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