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Google flights every time iBook a trip this is always the first place that I got I’ve been using it for some time and I wanted to show you a little bit about its functionality and how you cause it to save money when you retraveling because I feel like whenever I bring this up the vast majority of my friends even though they’re you know relatively young in their midtown the late 20s they’ve never heard of its essentially all you need to do to get to google flights is type in google flights click on the first thing that comes up on google I’m living in Panama city now so that’s showing up as the home airport so your home airport the airport,

That’s closest to where you’re located will always show up first but I’m just going to put it to Newark new jersey as that’s my true home airport when I’m living at home in the new York new jersey metro area so essentially it’s pretty cool I’ll actually book metrist always based off of the destination first but based off of where I can get the cheapest google flights and this is a great tool to be able to find that So let’s just say you know you want to go on a trip you want to go from Friday, April 9thto Saturday or no that’s too short Friday, April 9th to Sunday, April 18th then you click search this is one of my coolest or rather my favorite features favorite cool features that google flights have it pulls up a map of the world and you can see all the amazing places that you can fly off to for that period of time so you can severely fly a round trip to Miami for sixty-one dollars that’s pretty nice,

Google Flights

Boston you can apply different google flights as well so for example let’s say you only want to see non-stop flights that’ll filter it out we can scroll over here to Europe as well this is how I’m able to find very cheap google flights to Europe me and a few of my friends we actually went to Stockholm round trip in November for I think 250 dollars so I always have my eye on here and one of the cool things to do if you know that you want to travel for a period of time but you want to make sure you‘re traveling on the specific days when you’re always going to get the absolute cheapest google flights so you can do that by going into the dates flexible dates let’s just say we want Togo on a trip in the month of May to click done.


what it will do is it’ll put together the cheapest one week in this case because I chose a one-week trip you also could choose a weekend trip or a two-week trip it’ll show the very cheapest google flights that you can do in that period of time let’s take a look at Europe nothing too crazy is popping out one thing to note about chief google flights, especially to Europe, is that there are a lot of discount airlines that kind of went to the wayside it seems during the Kobe 19 pandemic Norwegian airlines was a really good one there’s another one that I hadn’t flown on but I wanted to try called level airways and I think that those both went out of business,

Google flights to Miami

There was I think Primera airways bunch of them went out of business so I’m really hoping that they come back because they really gave options for some really cheap flights from you know east coast airports over to Europe and once, you’re over to Europe it’s very cheap to fly around coursebook back into google flights uh what are some other features as well let’s say we want to go to a specific airport so in this case, we’ll say Miami,

Google Flights

what it will do from that point is it’s going to pull up the cheapest options it looks like frontier is the cheapest option in mays you can click into here we want non-stop okay these are the dates and then if you want to actually book with one of these airlines all you’ll need to do is click to see the departure time let’s say okay we want frontier we want the cheapest one you can choose your return flight Askeland previously okay so it’s because I’m in Panama right now but if you are in the united states you should be able to click here go right to the google flights airline’s website and then you’ll be able to bookend you’ll be able to check out right on the website but it looks like it’s not currently supported.


Panama so that’s essentially how you do google flights trying to think if there’s anything else that I want to show you in here sometimes it’s a little bit hard to get back to the main screen where you first started so I’ll go back to here but mynah this is google flights I’ve never done it by interest but that’s an option well you can do it by flight duration if you’re going to go you know really far nonexamples you know definitely a really cool feature filtering by the price that’s always good options let’s say for example you knew that you wanted to go on a trip somewhere during the month of May but you didn’t want to spend anywhere you know anything more than 500 so we can do that, uh you know can we get to Europe for 500in the month of May yes we can so thesis the way that you can do it if you ‘retrying to find a cheap way to get to Europe we can go to Paris for 398dollarswe can go to Madrid for 428 and Lisbon look at that332 dollar round trip direct from Newark,

Lisbon on united it’ll give you the exact days that you need to fly um to get over there and then let’s extrapolate this let’s say we’re trying to have a discount trip to Europe okays we made it to Lisbon let me open another tabor google flights here all right so then what you do instead of booking amulet-city, for example, let’s say oh ideally want to get to Budapest or something like that look what happens if you put in Budapest from New York it’s going to be really expensive because you’re going to have to go on multiple airline sum non-stop is obviously not an optional it’s actually not too bad so 647round trip but I think we could probably do a little bit better by going to Lisbon.

Google Flights

First but there’s probably not any direct google flights from Lisbon to Budapest but let’s see all right so we have that we’ll put that in there and I might have chosen a bad example because you still have to go through Frankfurt Lufthansa but let’s see the dates that we were going the sixth through the 12th so that means you’re getting into Europe on the 7th of mays we’ll put that in and then you’re going back on the 12thokay so in this case in this case, what would do if you look here you can see it’s 96on the 11th 220 on the 12th so if I was booking a trip like this obviously I would look into it a little bit more and I would make sure that the dates align but we can get wow boom.

This is how you do it so you find the discount google flights airline in Europe then at that point okay so we get into Lisbon at what time okay so this one’s not a great example you get into Lisbon 8 20 amah and then you’re going to be departing on whiz air 905 put you can play around with it and you can really make it sync up so you can do basically a round trip from the united states to Europe once you arrive in Europe you do another round trip on one of those discount airlines in Europe wizard is a prime example of a great discount airline so that’s kind of how you can get too specific cities,

I used it a lot of neuropathy you can’t really get away with it as much in central and south America just because certain airlines really have a monopoly on South America, for example, there’s like Avianca of course Copa google flights airlines Panama’s flagship airline and I’ve been even trying to just plan some trips outside of Panama now that I’m living here but right now um Copa airlines pretty much have a monopoly on anything so if you look Panama city uh we want to go somewhere we can’t even go anywhere in South America for 500so we got to bump it up and it’s pretty much just director one-way or rather round-trip flights.

Google Flights

South America but it’s all on Copa airlines and the way that I go because I have Togo into work in my office in New York if you wanted to go to Panama for example from Newark or rather let’s make this New York and you’ll notice if you do that as well that all the google flights airports in that specific metro area are going to come up so we’re going to remove non-stop we’re going to remove the price filters so the cheapest way that I’ve been doing it is with spirit airlines I know that they kind of has a bad rap but I’ve actually had a pretty good experience with them so far since I’ve been using them so I can’t make it come up right now but I’ve been paying around 200or so round trip I leave Panama city really early in the morning like 3 armlets into Fort Lauderdale at like 6 a.m.

Then I make it up into new York uh around midday but what you’ll find is that by dogmatic-city by doing multiple round-trip google flights as opposed to just point to point you can really end up saving a lot of money so there’s a lot of ways that you can play around with this let me know what you guys think in the comments about google flights let me know how you use it if you have any tips and tricks and let me know if you guys want to see more learn about google flights because could spend hours in here I do spend hours in here on my own but I could spend even more time you know really digging into this with you guys if you have any examples or if you have a specific trip that you want me to try definitely let me know and I can definitely try that out in google flights.


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