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KIPSAVE is a browser extension for Chrome which will automatically save your open tabs to your computer’s hard drive.
It does so in the background and only becomes available when you need it. Every tab you have open will be saved and if you ever open them again, it will do so automatically.
This is a feature that is already present on multiple browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari (among other). But why should we implement it? Why do we need this feature now? We had this idea because we have found that people are distracted by notifications and can’t concentrate on what they are doing when they are using a computer.

2. kipsave in the big picture

A year ago I was on vacation in Croatia. I packed up my laptop and took it with me on the plane to Croatia. While the airport security guy was checking my bag, he noticed my MacBook Air and asked me what app I was using. When I answered, “Kipsave”, he said to me “That’s a great password management app, why don’t you use that instead?” He was right — very right. Kipsave is a powerful and easy-to-use password manager for Mac OS X, designed to be used from anywhere on your Mac: from home, from work or from the beach.
This post has been adapted from my April 2015 newsletter .
Topics: first impressions
Subtopic: First Impressions of Your Startup
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Text: A startup can do lots of things at one time — launching an app, hiring people (in conjunction with recruiting), marketing, raising money and so on. But it’s rare for any one of these tasks to get your entire company’s attention at once — there will always be more work coming in.
In order to make sure that as little work as possible gets done when you launch a product (or even when you launch anything), you should design your product so that it makes working on it complicated enough that doing it requires some effort (i.e., hard). And by hard we mean something like this…

3. How kipsave works

If you are reading this, you probably already use kipsave. And you probably use it as well as kipsave works. But that’s not a bad thing in the scheme of things: do we want to make a product that people will use to save their files, or should we instead be making something that will be useful to the people who actually need it?
Kipsave uses the same storage format on all devices so there is no division between platforms and they all work with any file format. It also offers offline functionality and can sync back up all your files (or at least, those of ones that were backed up).
There are two things about kipsave I don’t think many people know about:
• It is completely free • The thing that makes it really unique is its “kip” file format which allows for infinite compression rates and adaptive data compression algorithms.

4. Bandwidth Saver (kipsaver)

Kipsave is a free web-based SaaS product that helps small-to-medium businesses with bandwidth planning.
The product is aimed at helping businesses reduce their bandwidth bills by giving them the data they need to better plan and manage their Internet usage. It works by providing a roadmap for users to understand how much data they will be using in each month and then see graphs showing what percentage of the data they consume in each month.
It allows users to compare the amount of data used on different browsers, devices, or across different applications. The tool also allows users to specify how much bandwidth they want to save and then receive alerts when they are running low on data.
Kipsave has been around since 2006 and was originally developed by Eric van de Vijver (now Eric de Vries). The product was initially launched as a paid service but has steadily grown into a free service over the last decade. In 2008, Kipsave raised $2 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Intel Capital, allowing it to scale its technology infrastructure and expand its business model (hence “kipsaver” instead of “kipsave”).
kipsave today has more than 5 million users worldwide who take advantage of its free platform when managing their internet usage. Viewed through the lens of traditional metrics like total monthly downloads , average monthly downloads , average monthly pageviews , number of active users , or number of active sessions , kipsave offers some valuable insights into how people use their devices and how they access content. In other words, it’s all about understanding user behavior — an area where many companies are not especially well-equipped to do so.
In addition to these metrics, kipsave provides other useful stats such as “time spent on content”, which shows how long people spend actually reading your website or navigating through your content pages before sitting down to write or read anything on your site; “time spent on social media” which shows how long people spend actually interacting with your social networks; “time spent in search engines” which shows how long people spend actually searching for information online; “time spent in email inboxes” which shows how long people spend actually reading email before checking out your inbox; “time spent in task managers” which shows how long people spend actually working on tasks before finishing them; “time spent in popular web sites” which shows how long people spend actually

5. Kipsave with the Youtube API (Youtube API Image)

We have a set of blog posts about the kipsave project. The first one talks about the basics, then one about the current state of affairs and a final one that goes over our plans for the future.
This is my personal favorite from this series and I think it’s worth sharing. Kipsave is a service that helps to get your files from mobile devices to computers or cloud services faster than they would be by transferring them via USB. What’s more, it works in combination with other services such as Dropbox and Google Drive which are available on multiple platforms (i.e., Windows, OS X, Linux).

6. Conclusion

This has been a long post and I have only scratched the surface of what we do as a startup. I do hope you enjoyed it and that it was useful.
If you have any questions or comments, please drop me an email :


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