Laser engraving and laser marking | A few knowledge pearls

Laser engraving is the process of permanently or temporarily marking an object with a laser. It is used for many different purposes such as 

[1] identification

[2] marking stones

[3] currency or vouchers and prescriptions. 

The process is also known as digital engraving. Identification of a body part on the other hand is used for tracking by veterinarians since it identifies a specific animal and its breed in order to make diagnoses or treatment decisions. A common example of laser marking is the marking of tattoos. Laser engraving is used for marking flowers, vegetables and fruit trees, seals, landscapes, and other objects with a laser beam. The use of a permanent or temporary mark on the surface of an object is known as “laser-marking”.

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Laser marking and engraving are not the same things. The laser beam is used to delineate the mark or outline of a shape; the engraving is used to engrave a mark onto items. A laser beam may be directed at both types (by a single operator), or it may only be directed at the former (by several separate operators). Because of this, there are different types of laser marking and engraving.

Some examples of usage are shown below:

Laser engraving

 In laser marking, the laser beam is used to mark or outline a shape or form on an item – for example, a logo on a logoed piece of paper. Laser engraving is used to transfer the markings onto an item. Such engravings include manufacturer logos as well as body modifications such as the zodiac sign of a watch.

 Laser marking and engraving are used in many different fields, such as the following examples:

  • Marking or designating an item for sale
  • Marking or designating items for use in formal competitions or sports events
  • Designating brands for use on a label, case, cap badge, etc.

Laser Marking & Engraving Equipment Efficiently Produces Quality Products

Laser marking and engraving equipment are very useful tools for many industries. It can be used to produce high-quality products at an affordable price. The main manufacturers are Abbe, Advantis, Aegis, Arita, Arthur-Austin, and Daewoo.

Useful hints for operating laser marking machines

If you’re using a laser marking machine, here are some tips to make it work more efficiently:

  • Size matters. Before using starting to use a laser you should use size appropriate nozzle for light emission because once marketed your material is marked forever and you can undo it. Therefore calculate well before using it on the final piece.
  • Avoid overloading the machine—if you overload it, it will take longer to complete your project.
  • Never touch moving parts during operation; they can be very hot!

Why Choose Laser Engraving for Your Brand?

It’s a fact that laser engraving is the most cost-effective way to deliver a product right from the start. A watermark is not only visible but also can be removed and replaced at any time. The process is similar to that of permanent ink transfer, with the difference being that laser printing uses light instead of heat. The most expensive part of this process is the equipment used: lasers are expensive and require special industrial equipment. However, they’re also very reliable and can produce results comparable in quality to printing done on a traditional press or through photolithography.



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