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Chinese Food In Austin: We’re in Texas Austin way all the way around Austin Texas looks like a fork yeah, it’s where they took back the Alamo from the Indians thank God uh you know what we doing here man why are we in why are we here rig just happened we just finished our TX but yeah why the curse at hands of God,

like black lung yearned has a gonorrhea or something,

so he could be here he’s actually that way know,

kale yeah slightly altered version of kale a little maybe hungover no I’m fine I’m just tired from yelling at American Airlines on the phone I got first guys sorry we got a lot of beeps here you know what I want to do when you’re in Austin you got to have the food Harvey okay barbecue yes no actually Chinese food yeah,

Austin doesn’t do Chinese food very well ,

so I thought why don’t we gonad check out the worst rated Chinese restaurant on Yelp,

here in the great state of Texas could have had Austin City of Austin’s .

we could have had a good meal we could have gotten to the best part of the queue in Austin but you’re making us do

the worst why no there’s a new idea is to go find Chinese food and Austin yes that’s the bit Okayama the barbecue stuff would have been pretty funny but there’s like over a thousand there’s Chinese Food In Austin like a thousand barbecue restaurants,

I’m too lazy to like figure out which one’s the lowest-rated but there’s some pretty bad Chinese places apparently okay anyways Iwase going to lift but it’s pretty close so why don’t we while we grab some scooters and scoot on down because it’s dangerous ,

it’s also a good point yeah did you pay for that I don’t know,

how to use these Alec you don’t just ride it you know ,

How To Get People To Like Chinese Food In Austin

I’m going to fire hiddenite liquids dripping from my face right now I don’t know if you can see this hey some is it on the lens autoboots rollout cue some epic music all right here we go know why he’s going that way okay,

I just don’t want to see if he’ll come back Alec oh he’s coming back we’re off road,

who we’re going off road dude what are we doing what do you mean we’re on the freeway yeah ,

how do we do this maybe we’ve been scooting around for like 30 minutes already,

I don’t know that’s where told us to go man it’s 93 degrees we’ve been scooting for 20 minutes,

we’ve gone 20 miles and I don’t see a Chinese food restaurant I don’t know actually,

I don’t know which way we’re facing we maybe don’t know which way we’re facing,

Chinese Food In Austin

where did we come from I don’t know the city we cross the bridge art what do you mean to be cross the picture already I don’t know where we are this is Hobart this is that shot Sal all right thank you thank you all right what the  is a south yeah is that I thought the baby ass dude pretty close DBAs dude let’s see you look this might be,

it OH cool I’m an adult this is really weird,

it’s guys Eric yeah there’s not like any like music like nothing to calm

you it’s just all just like and nobody’s Chinese Food In Austin  talking just the hum of the refrigerators in the back that’s all,

this place like we’re literally next to good fortune cookies well we should uh yeah ,

we’re just food right guess excuse me don’t make us excuse me sir do,

we just we just go up and get four crab food is that oh okay great thank you,

what is that what is that is that fish well I guess ,

we got to try like a little bit of orange chicken that’s a staple Chinese fish I guess this is what you come to Texas for baby,

we were supposed to leave yesterday that were doing thesis an interesting spread they got here though because you got Chinese food on the other side like a legit Chinese food then you got this where it’s just like pizza like mac and cheese Quorn what the I got one already more try it there’s also just full crab cropland cheese oh no look at this is gone,

I may have the saddest spread of all here ,

like lo Mein orange chicken and like a vitamin block,

okay sorry what is that it’s fish Ithaki’s mystery actually,

I got pizza I got some pad Thai I got it,

Louis flippy boy we come along his whiskers Michaela convinced me ,

to go yeah he got a what do you got going on over there,

so I got a this is it’s a stuffed crab but I don’t think you’re supposed to use,

this type of cheese what they did I think,

it’s Mexican cheese just two types of cheese got Chinese Food In Austin the this plantain this is this is spicy squid I think octopus or something like that,

I also got one of these old little boys just business homies,

like rest in peace and then again maybe just puzzled us for a while,

what do you want chives pizzas that the georedundant what is this is that from your shrimp yeah,

the lastly the cheese oh god dude ,

Chinese berry like so surely the Chinese foods good the orange Adrienne’s not very good at all,

it’s like soggy like there’s no crunch to it okay I cut through ,

it’s like mushy Huang doesn’t it how much isomer supposed to taste ,

like eggs like a lot okay cut that’s a soft it is very that’s right touch,

the cigarette right it is a scrambled egg you think with a little bit of subarea,

that’s not that’s funky that’s not right that’s unsettling,

it’s still in my mouth since I took that first bite well let’s see what this my body is not allowing me,

swallow it not’s got a race on it that’s all right just tastes like a ,

I’m Jessica I got a jell Cup did you eat your fish whinnock pick up your fork India,

I’m longing to go oh my god amah oh my god this is just bow yeah,

I’m sorry that I actually heard my demo he loll yeah ,

where’s it start excusing it uniform what are you picking oath,

it’s a bounty was that drying dude we got to get this out of here well,

I want to try some more stuff on no one I like and plate yeah,

I’m going back all right we’ll be back yeah I get a chicken,

it’s stuck to the bottom yeah oh boy the French fries again they’re in a  big section ,

so I’ll try some of those get one area at the sparrow,

we’re really in Texas now boys why there where’s

the red coming from do you even know what that starry ah it says,

oh there’s teriyaki chicken they taped,

it on do that whole is this what is it what do you think it is yeah,

Chinese Food In Austin

I’ll try it now this is the real question,

because this also doesn’t have anything on ,

what it could this possibly be I don’t know,

what this smells like I can’t tell if it’s like it’s like,

it might actually be it might it might it might actually be so we got a bit of a mystery to unfold here,

I don’t know what these two are and it didn’t have labels have no idea ,

what this could be it could be literally anything your way ,

The Latest Trend In Chinese Food In Austin

this cheers are we cut we got the chicken nuggets we’ll cheers that,

there’s no just microwave this is a microwave yeah,

this is the kind you getting like a kid’s meal like the thing microleak kid cuisine arson ship that’s,

what this is I’m going to try this you got the steamed fish got it totally do that he’s ever do thatch my god,

it’s really buttery really buttery what okay what it loses all shape

the moment it enters your mouth it just turns into what how do,

they manage to make macaroni dissolve in your mouth novices taste bitter,

That did you think it’s like a megaphone very hello what is that even if that is an intercom system,

there you can’t understand a  word if you ‘reaching this video and you think oh,

I can’t hear it cut it’s in the backgrounder,

it’s like that going or something no you can’t it’s it literally like that like a joke look this place is beaming on us

it’s the ticket watch this dogwood let’s leave we’re good everyone’s good goodie okay

what was this I’m going to get an ice cream,

I got to try the mystery you need to film the floor,

because it there’s so much like on the floor and it’s everywhere,

it’s not like us five this is a disaster eyewall there is something wrong with mine

but it’s like almost translucent and yellow and it doesn’t taste like yeah

this is right how does it why does it have like,

it like I’ve wanted to leave 15 minutes ago and you’re like over here reviewing ice cream yeah, I mean we need to get out of this whip punished Chinese restaurant off,

The chart they charged by children for what seven and under harder,

a church by the height not by the age,

what if this is the I did it I did it Chinese Food In Austin I’m an adult now not that long ago ,

it was a child’s all right well let’s see what our fortunes say ,

how about another fortune no what there’s a backside,

But I said how about another fortune say what it’s like a loop watch ,

it ripped but it says everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see so it’s giving me,

philosophy not like there’s someone – yeah,

because it said don’t wait for your ship to come in just women out of it,

I’m so happy that I swam out of that ship back there it’s my money your ship better,

something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly well.



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