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Raymond Weber: The most mundane moments to once in a lifetime experiences live streaming our lives to the world has become second nature most often we catch live streams that are uplifting hilarious and sometimes touching what happens when you stumble on a nightmare live streaming right into the palm of your hand if you’d been scrolling through Instagram on january302021 you may have found out at roughly 1am on January 30th2021 The police in Vacaville California received a call from a concerned citizen,

She claimed to be watching Raymond Weber live Instagram feed he was brandishing a gun mumbling weird rambling monologues and there were two unclothed female slaying on the floor behind him they weren’t moving what neighbors in the rocky hill veterans only apartment building witnessed that night makes one wonder if live streaming platforms are governed well enough or if they should even exist Morgan Gardner lives a few doors down and was terrified saw a video very disturbing and yeah I don’t know I didn’t know how to process.

Raymond weber live stream video#

It was all just very crazy the man in the apartment live streaming his disgusting deeds on Instagram was Raymond Weber a 29 year old army veteran with a troubled past he was sentenced to six years of federal time in 2006for felonious attacks in may 2014he served a 90-day stint for probation violations and then another six months for one more felonious attack charge this one stemming from the demise of his previous girlfriend19 year old Nicole Duarte according to the Sacramento police report Raymond’s younger brother Antoine discharged his gun into her face both weber boys took,

Overrunning Saturday march 15 2014at approximately 12 37 a.m. officers responded to the 7200 block of Gloria drive when the victim’s neighbor called police after the injured Duarte knocked on her door in search of help responding officers found that Duarte had a gunshot wound to her face and was in need of immediate medical attention Antoine weber pleaded no contest public records show he is now in the California state prison he will be eligible for parole in 2028.

Raymond Weber

In the fateful early morning Instagram live Raymond Webber’s walked around shirtless smoking his long dreadlocks swinging silently back and forth as he waved his gun he ranted about the woman in the room having set him up and that his brother who is a popular local paparazzi Marcus tried to organize a hit animus is currently behind bars with utilidor endangering the life or health of echidna possession of a firearm by a felon Raymond would be very close to the camera one minute and out of frame the next he would gesture toward the women with his gun insolence ramble about his brother and how he knew the police would eventually show up the apartment seems crowded and unkempt piles of clothing and random boxes sat about a room with little decoration no pictures.

Raymond Michael weber#

The walls or knick-knack son a coffee table the video lasted a little over 30minutes while mortified viewers stared on especially one woman in Utah Enya Taylor Tabari her daughter 26 year-old savannah Tavares had just left Utah for California wither new fiancée Raymond Weber and the woman in the background looked suspiciously like her daughter she had the same tattoos build and features this guy coerced her to go under the ruse that they were going to be engaged and he wanted her to meet his family once police began receiving the emergency calls they formed a barricade around the apartment and moved all the surrounding neighbors from their apartments police and swat tried over and over to get him to give up but he refused after almost eight hours the police lobbed gas into the apartment windows and rushed in Raymond was hiding in the back part of the apartment he made the police use their tasers to get him into custody,

They found the two females remains savannah’s mom was correct her daughter was one of the women laying on the apartment floor the other was a 15 year old girl who spokes have been kept anonymous she was student elk grove high school it didn’t take long before police found out Raymond was also in trouble in Utah just a few months before he took her Raymond Michael weber and savannah were at her apartment in Utah when a male friend came to visit when she didn’t answer the door he yelled out to her within seconds Raymond charged out of the apartment waving a gun and screaming threats at the man Raymond.

hit him in the head with the end of the gun and he and savannah left when police caught up with them savannah

Raymond Weber killing of 2 women found dead in Vacaville apartment#

That’s right this is the apartment complex where a 15 year old girl and a27 year old woman were found dead on Saturday you can still see where the windows were boarded up just yesterday on the third floor as this complex works to clean up the aftermath of this tragic shooting we were there as the suspect 29-year-old Raymond Webber’s made his first appearance in court today he is facing two counts of murder charges because this double homicide does include a 15-year-old girl who we have just learned is from the city of elk grove Vacaville police tell me that detectives,

Raymond Weber

Who specialize in human trafficking are now looking into this case police are not releasing her identity at this time because she is a minor but they did say the 27 year old victim’s name is savannah The Berge out-of-state resident with ties to both Georgia and Utah spokesperson for the police department told me that their officers originally responded to this complex for a welfare check after hearing about disturbing live video streaming online woman had called and said that she believed there was a man inside of the apartment who may be armed.

Raymond Weber video#

she reported there was a live stream video of this man inside of the apartment holding what appeared to be a handgun and two women lying on the ground not moving that led to about a seven hour standoff and many failed negotiations attempts after deploying tear gas and getting inside of the barricaded apartment they were able to use a taser and take the suspect into custody however both victims were found dead unscented suspect Raymond Weber is expected to be back in court later this month on February 23rdwe will let you know what happens and keep a close eye on this case back to you all right thank you so much Lena for that update.

 Raymond weber first appearance in court#

Vacaville police releasing the identity of one of the victims killed in a double homicide over the weekend their bodies live streamed by their accused killer CBS 13’s Renee Santos joins us live in elk grove tonight where the youngest victim just 15 years old once went to school Renee yeah just within the past hour Vacaville police confirmed that 26year old savannah the verge was killed in that incident she’s also another of a four-year-old boat this time they aren’t releasing the identity of that 15-year-old girl per the request of her family meantime,

We’re learning that teen was a student here in elk grove her accused killer appearing in court just hours agito heard things going on that night but didn’t even expect nothing like this you know what I menaces 13 inside the courtroom only pictures allowed as29 year old Raymond Weber seen in a gray and white striped jail uniform went before a judge his face covered with the blue mask Weber faces several charges including two counts of first degree murder inside the courtroom he kept looking forward as the judge read the charges against him just days earlier looking into the camera as he live streamed a video with the bodies police believe are his victims,

Vacaville police releasing the identity of 26 year old savannah the bur killed just days before what would have been her 27th birthday her mother Enya tailored the Burge heartbroken over her daughter’s death just how much I love her and you know how much she means to me and I just wish I could hold her one more time investigators aren’t sharing the identity of the other victim 15-year-old girl telling CBS 13 her parents are requesting it be withheld at this time meantime the principal of elk grove high school sending a letter about the death of the 15 year old reminding families about resources available now weber is being held without bail there nesses requesting a competency assessment his next court appearance is expected in three weeks.



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