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https Spotify com pair: it’s one of your favorite things to talk about Spotify the other day my friend texteme and said Nico is there a way to find your most played song on https Spotify com pair and off the top of my head I was like no which is something that I missed from iTunes when we had iTunes on the computer Andon my iPod I used to play a little like game with myself to see how many times I could listen to a song because I loved listening to new songs on repeat if you follow me on Spotify you probably know that because I’ll just play the same song over and over again but Spotify never showed you what was your most played other than their year and review,

where they show you the most played for each year but what if I just want to know what’s the most reason for the past month or of all time so in today’s video we are going to be talking about two ways to access more analytics about https Spotify com pair and to view your listening habits so it doesn’t take much honestly the first one is we’re going to go to Spotify dot me you are what you streams this is from Spotify for brands and it’s understanding people through music think you know what kind of listener you are login to Spotify dot me to see your own streaming in action.

This one does not give you access to your top played songs but the one I get to after this which is the third party one will give you access to that still this one’s really useful because what it gives you access to is very interesting so I’m going to log in okay so it says you agree that Spotify dot me will be able to view your Spotify account data view your activity on Spotify and take actions in Spotify on your behalf and this is okay in my book but do it at your own discretion in my opinion.

How to login https Spotify com pair in smart tv#

This is just so that it can work and so that it can make a playlist for you at the end and also I think this Is https Spotify com pair official thing so I have no problem giving this access so let’s see let’s start with my recent listening so recently the song I’ve been listening to for over the past month is the key to life on Earth by Declan McKenna a couple of weeks ago one of my favorite bands Water Gap came out with their new song ode to a conversation stuck in your heads there’s some competition now but I don’t think I could play that song as much as I played the key to life on earth by Declan McKenna I love that songs much so my top artist is Deccan McKenna my top track is the key to life on Earth.

Https Spotify com fair

which I was expecting because I played it probably a thousand timeshare’s when you listen based on your most recent four hundred streams sarinda like all throughout the day but never in the morning 12 p.m. is my most active hour 71% of your tracks are energetic energy is based on the dynamic range perceived loudness and general entropy of a track cool my top genre is pop which appears in 66 percent of your top tracks interest sync and then they gave me a playlist at the end which Icon save to How to login https Spotify com pair in smart tv and I’ll open it I guess most of these’re artists I listen to not all of them see a couple on there that I’m not a huge fan of but this playlist seems like it’s taking,

The artists that I’m listening to and giving me songs that I don’t usually play by them which a thinks kind of a hit-or-miss like if it’s my favorite artists it’s the songs that I don’t play it’s probably the songs that don’t like but I mean I’ll try these out some of these I’ll probably likesome of these I’ve heard of before so I think it’s a good mix and I think it’s worth giving it a try so that is the first one so now let’s go into the more exciting one so the next one is the one that I used originally and the one I recommend the most despite it being a third-party application and that is called stats for How to login https Spotify com pair in smart tv so you click login with Spotify you have to give it access to your data in order for it to work so I’m going to click agree but do it at your own discretion,

Most people comfortable by How to login https Spotify com pair in smart tv#

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it the dome so now I’m in and it gives me access to my own charts and it compares it to the last visit so almost like how iTunes or Billboard works where it has an up arrow or down arrow on a song week by week that’s how it works here also create a playlist and recently play tracks Solet’s see my top tracks recently like Isai my two top tracks recently where the key to life on earth by death and McKenna and ode to our conversations stuck in your throat by Dell Water Gap third one is I know alone by Haim I lovelier there’s such a great band and their production is immaculate every single time fourth song is Brazil by Declan McKenna Brazil was his first single to get huge.

That was actually the first song I heard by him and all your love by Jacob Ogawa it’s a very chill song really like it the next song is called surrounded by poets by Nick C on C it was released a few weeks ago and I’m a huge fan of his music I think he kind of sounds like Rob Thomas in the early2000s I really like his music I think it’s something different yet kind of nostalgic at the same time run by Joe Goss a sad song but I like it West Coast by Coconut Records that one I actually found from Emma Chamberlin Andi really liked it the next song is called yes I’m changing by tame impala I am a huge fan of teamplay think his album currents is one of my favorite albums of all time people associate tame impala with indie even,

Https Spotify com pair

Though he’s mainstream so there are a couple of memes about people saying OH you should check out this underground artist and it’s him and Paula but Ideally like team and Paula’s music I think he’s great and then number ten is the steps by Haim and I’m a huge trend of time like I said so then the last six months some driver era swinging by harmless was probably my favorite song in January and probably one of my favorite songs this year so far fake happy by Paramore I love Paramore and I like Hayley Williams as solo stuff that recently just came out and then all-time this is the past three or four years of data had a Spotify account for ten years but I had to consolidate,

Three different accounts so I worked the How to login https Spotify com pair in smart TV to consolidate those but some of my data got lost in between so this is just the past three two or three years I think when the party’s over by Billie Eilis something to tell you buy I’m wild love by James Bay and then now I’m in it by Haim and I found you by James Bay his album electric light is one of my favorite albums of all time so definitely check that out and then you can also see your top artists so just for example I mean if my listening history already hasn’t shown it my top five artists of the last four weeks have been Declan McKenna I’m team Impala the driver era and To Modell just to name a few and if you are on your top tracks and you scroll all the way to the bottom.


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