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Kyle Becker is a current chief editor and CEO of Becker news.  Former Director of Viral Media and Senior Managing Editor for award-winning startup website I Review, which grew to a readership of 20-30 million Americans a month. Led social media strategy that saw consistent growth despite widespread news media downturn. Managed editorial duties: Story assignment, editing, writing, publication, and promotion. Key metrics improved under leadership: Time on page, pages per visit, weekly pageviews.

Profile Summary

Full Name:    Kyle Becker

Nationality:  united state

Home town: New York city

Source of wealth: CEO Becker news

What Friends Comment about Kyle Becker

Benny Johnson

Kyle is a tireless worker and has a keen eye for news. He deploys a deep knowledge of social media publishing in his work, optimizing content for a given platform and is very talented at story packaging for a center-right audience. Kyle Becker is in tune with the interests and concerns of conservative America.

Kyle Becker

Lauri Gooding

I have worked with Kyle in two different social publishing environments over the past five years, and he has continually inspired and impressed me. His work production and creativity are nearly untouchable, and he is on fire for what he does in the news and publishing world. He has his finger on the pulse of the news and also news consumers, and his intellect is both powerful and kind of intimidating. Kyle Becker is witty and confident and always a pleasure to work with. In our years together at IJR, I always felt like our best shifts as a company (and my favorite ones as an employee) were those working with the highly competent and efficient folks like Kyle.

Virginia kurta

When I first started at Independent Journal Review in 2015, Kyle was the lead editor every Saturday that I worked. With fewer people working on weekends, we had to learn fast to get along and work well together — and in the process, he taught me to write better for social media. His willingness to coach me made me better at selecting stories and making them work for a targeted audience. But the time he left the company about 18 months later, I had worked my way up to equal footing and we were able to work together on the same level. When I was let go by IJR, I was immediately picked up by The Daily Caller — something that I would not have been able to do without Kyle Becker help.

Juan Leon

Kyle was a fantastic colleague at IJR with a wealth of knowledge on politics, social media, audience, and digital.

Kyle Becker

Lindsey Lipscomb

I worked very closely with Kyle when he was the Senior Managing Editor at Independent Journal Review. As data director, I saw firsthand what a talented writer he is and how much his pieces and unique perspective connected with his audience, as how dedicated he was to his job. Though he was consistently one of the top traffic drivers of the company, he never rested on his laurels and always went the extra mile to find any way to improve his and his team’s performance. He was always friendly, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. He would make a very valuable addition to any team.

Justen Charters

I had the pleasure of working with Kyle Becker for a little more than three years. Nobody works harder than Becker. He is driven, disciplined, and has a laser focus. More than that, Becker is a gifted editor, problem solver, and writer. He understands how to capture an audience and knows how to make a mundane story intriguing and exciting. Under his mentorship, I learned to write material that reached millions of people. Anyone would be lucky to have Becker leading their team.

Jon N.

Kyle worked for me at IJR while I was there. He was (consistently) one of our top writers and traffic drivers. His mastery of social media is remarkable. I’ve been in this media business coming up on 15 years and he is one of most talents guys I’ve seen. Along with is social media skills, he is a master at the news cycle pulse. Knowing exactly when a story will make the greatest impact. His posts are must-reads for a large swath of the public. I do not hesitate highly recommending Kyle Becker.


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